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This is a small faction of where we were found online wise. This includes announcements, listing, game reviews and others.

2005-08-05 www MarkeeDragon com (Announcements)

2005-08-15 www TekBunker com (Announcements)

2005-09-27 www TheOGN com (Announcements)

2005-09-27 www WorldOnlineGames com (Announcements)

2005-09-28 www DirectoryOfGames com (Announcements)

2005-09-28 www EatMyGames com (Announcements)

2005-09-28 www GameFreaks365 com (Announcements)

2005-09-28 www GameOgre com (Game Review)

2005-09-28 www QbGames com (Game Listing)

2005-09-29 www MPOGD com (Announcements)

2005-10-14 www GamersHell com (Game Listing)

2005-12-10 www GameZone com (Game Listing 1)

2005-12-10 www GameZone com (Game Listing 2)

2006-01-03 www GamersHood com (Featured 1)

2006-01-03 www GamersHood com (Featured 2)

2006-01-03 www GamersHood com (Game Listing)

2006-01-03 www Mangukoobas lahendus ee

2006-01-13 www OnlineGamesInn com (Game Listing)

2006-01-15 www ETGames com (Featured)

2006-02-10 www OMGN com (Game Listing)

2006-03-01 www MMOSite com (Featured)

2011-07-28 www arnorgames com (1,043 Alexa)

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