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  Race Stats and Things  

Before you look here check out these other related threads, this thread is merely a comparison thread for these 6 other threads.


First off i`d like to thank Moops. He will be hosting both Excels for you on his website ProbablyRobots.com,

Having trouble sleeping? Significant Other unattractive? Got an urge to Sashay? Someone Stole your cookies? Then it`s Probably Robots.

Check it out today don`t delay or else Robots may take over...Probably Check it out HERE

For Both my Excel Sheets

I would also like to thank Badwolf, who Helped me order the info in this thread.

Well on to the show

Ordered from Best to worse Pretty much these first econ cats. are based what your money gets you, so how much pr your money gets you how many turns in the positive you get before going negative, how much hull your money buys ect..also i see the "that pr That Pr....simply Ignore a that pr, i`m lazy.

The stats below are derived from the stats above, basically each race was tallied up by how many times it appeared in what rank position. the formula was points calculated as ((x*1)+(x*2)+(x*3)+(x*4)+(x*5)+(x*6)) then /34 for Ranking.

The Stats below were collected by Badwolf, they show how many of each race there are on all servers ranked above 100k pr.

Sorry for the Wall of numbers and stats but it is what it is.

So do you think each race warrants the stats it has ?

Edited by BadWolf on 2017-11-28

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