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  Simple Federation Update  

For reasons of not many people playing and to many people in one specific Fed how about we make the member list only 5 people per Federation
99+ day(s) ago
i got a fix we should try, how about a working email lmao
And i agree with DG feds have alot of history, even if they are inactive, they once had life and left a legacy behind even if some of you newbies are unaware of it.

when you leave, what legacy will you leave behind? will we remember your federation? will we remember your name? will we remember your website or mod?

halo hunters

who is mk, just kidding.

Brotherhood of NOD
Havina Alliance
The Art of Warfare

Enderwiggin - man you been here so long buddy lol and still here

I am glad for the new players of GC now in days, but the golden days of GC are gone, and so are alot of good players, some older players still around make upa small percent of GC, but we remember the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Some of us made real good friends here, some of us met in person, some of us had friends or even loving husbands or wifes pass away.

Another name to throw to the list PyroGirl, and i forgot her friends names. AccordEx.

Sad one of my old gc friends i cant even remember his username... miss those days, those were hard fight days.
99+ day(s) ago
A fix to make it easer to invite new players there needs to be a link you can send people and it will take them to your Federation so they can apply itís hard to explain to new people how to apply
99+ day(s) ago
How would it work?

If I built 1 bil pr stack would it aid everyone in fed?
99+ day(s) ago
well would make fighting slightly more interesting, gives feds a benefit
99+ day(s) ago
UC does it, so it cant be that hard. I dont think they do it in exactly the sense that youre imagining though.

What would you hope to accomplish with that though?
99+ day(s) ago
how easy would it be to have a fed shipyard so someone can have a stack there to be used by others on defence? like the slave empire thing
99+ day(s) ago
Exactly, I looked into some possible useful updates to both strengthen and make feds useful but it looks like the games coding can`t support a whole lot for the interior aspect of feds but I`m hopeful that after the economy update followed by ship updates they will keep it on the books.
99+ day(s) ago
If Federations actually had any impact at all on the game, I would say absolutely, lets take a look at it and maybe change them so they work a little better with current game activity.

Given that federations are essentially meaningless (even fed war was nerfed), theres really no point in doing so.
99+ day(s) ago
In GC on all of our servers we have a lot of heritage,friends,players we have lost in death in rl, and memories we hold on to all safely kept in some of the older feds. This simply would never be implemented because a lot of accounts still around that aren`t active anymore are still the ones that helped build the walls and foundations of their feds as well as their server. I`ll use an example:

On Real Time M|K has max members but only a few are active. It`s an opportunity to pay respect and Homage to those no longer with us and we can reflect on all the good and bad that they have done over they years and the wars they have fought,the enemies they have made,and the UW`s they completed or helped bring down. Allot of us have been playing or playing on and off since 2004 that`s a long time to watch the history of this game take place and we can see it`s history stored in the walls of some of it`s feds.

Thank you for contributing your ideas though. We have talked about improving federations to make them more useful via updates but was told that is a specific phase altogether to be looked at later on as the admins are focusing on bigger things right now.

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