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For this to be a sustainable buisness the Tribute Reserve Needs to be higher
is anyone able to make it higher i dont see why it would be a problem right now its at 999,999,999$ it would make a difference it it was just brought up to 5,000,000,000 $

any thoughts
99+ day(s) ago
If you worry about a marauder enslaving me and then having infinite money to climb and uw, change the way slaves work.

Give each empire an economic level based on land or something, and give the slaver a bonus income based on slaves empire level.

This way the slaves income type doesn`t make slaving useless, and also doesn`t maker a poor race like Maru or guard op once they have slaves
99+ day(s) ago
Idk why nobody enslaves me. You`d be capping out in slave money every time I use 9 turns
99+ day(s) ago
please dont add to BWs list of updates todo its not like she gets paid to do this and this will only postpone the actual update we been waiting for since may

but i agree with carnages suggestion makes sense
99+ day(s) ago
*enslaves carnage then blows the server*
99+ day(s) ago
1) Increase trib reserve cap, or even just eliminate it entirely
2) Allow all races to enslave or be enslaved
3) Gain a portion of all income, not just credit income

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