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  3,224 land S.U.Fertile  

Dear GC:RT,
I`m lucky enough to come across a nice land S.U.Fertile & I find it a pity to plunder it.
I`ll come out of NP in 6 hours from now: at 20:00 UTC. I`ll slowly climb to make it accessible for everyone.
It`s my second border. Gain at least 2 planets in a fair fight and it`s yours.

Best luck to all (or at least the few ones left playing).

Best regards,
99+ day(s) ago
24 hours, no hit, plundered.
99+ day(s) ago
Well, to be fair, I could gordo that thing in a day of massive digging to make it bigger than that. So, its not that no one hit you because they want it. Its because anyone can gordo anything with ease and people would rather dig and sit in ranks than attack.
99+ day(s) ago
Man, this game has changed
`In the old days`, I would`ve been hit within seconds of coming out.
Now it`s already 17 hours, still no hit, not even a counter.
99+ day(s) ago
Coming out of protection now. I hope someone can use it well.

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