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  Viral Eco Math  

3 weeks ago I was trying to figure out the numbers behind tax viral vs commercial viral. I got the numbers I needed and did the math.

THIS APPLIES TO VIRAL ONLY and operates under the assumptions of identical land and infrastructure, and the tax viral has CGs. For simplicity, this does not take into account the 5% bonus income that will favor tax when out of DP at base PR. This math does include cost of cgs and raw material used.

With food at 4, tax makes more than twice as much as commercial viral
With food at 12, tax makes about 2% more
With food at 13 commercial is roughly 12% better
85day(s) ago
I calculated commercial viral income accounting for CGs produced + passive income, these numbers would be meaningless if i didnt
85day(s) ago
how about the cg`s produced by commercial income?

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