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  Help with infrastructure?  

I`m new to the game and I`m having problems understanding infrastructure calculations. I had my home planet infrastructure balanced for a while in terms of food and goods produced and consumed, then I researched a few levels of commercial and my raw materials started swinging wildly all over the place. One turn they would be +8700 in stock, and the very next turn they would be at -21,000. This is with 1 planet mind you. I destroyed all of my agri/ industrial infrastructure just to see if I could get the raw material numbers to stop cascading wildly, and they are still all over the place. Also ,are they even suppose to go negative? I feel like I have missed something important...
82day(s) ago
safe opition, restart as A.miner, way easy economy to understand lol.
82day(s) ago
I`ve seen this with the terran account I have. Does anyone have a formula for RM production, and how RM relates to the production of goods made with commercial infrastructure (x number of CGs per 1 RM).
84day(s) ago
Commercial CG production
(Planet Commercial * ((Commercial Research * 0.08) + 1)) * Race Commercial Mod)

Commercial RM Use
(Planet Commercial * 2)

Commercial Agriculture interactions
At least 5 Commercial Research & at least 5 Planet Commercial

Food Produced * ((1 + (((Commercial Research / 100) + (Planet Commercial / 10000)) / 5)) + 0.2)

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