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  Using Suerte when digging  

When is the best time to do so? I usually use them during rares when I`m getting a string of "nothing found"s. I`m also not sure how many turns minors vs majors last. Any help would be great, thanks!
69day(s) ago
Luck Artifacts
- Minor Suerte
- Major Suerte
- Minor Afortunado
- Major Afortunado

Some people measure each artifact by amount of turns used others measure by time. i measure by time.

So time wise.
- Minor Suerte 2-3 minutes
- Major Suerte 5 minutes
- Minor Afortunado 15 minutes
- Major Afortunado 20-30 minutes

Longest dig time is uncommon which is 20 minutes long, rare digs are 15 minutes long, mixed digs are 5 minutes long, and commons are the longest.

This is just some information, not all :P

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