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  In memoriam  

GrumpyOldMan - 500327 - RIP 04/11/2019
Cents - 489763 - RIP 05/11/2019

Join me in commemorating our fallen comrades; truly wonderful players that will be sorely missed.

I wish you all the best wherever your path may take you...
19day(s) ago
Cents and I have had quite a few interesting conversations over the years. Though she was a constant irritant to me in the ranks, attacking my out of the blue whenever she got the inclination, it was always in good fun. I could always count on her positive attitude to brighten my mood on a cloudy day.

Grumpy and I, on the other hand, never really got off to a good start. I think it boils down to the two of us being on opposite sides for much of our playing time. We did ally briefly, but even then, the relationship was coarse at best. This is not to say we were never civil. In fact, I`ve had a couple really good and deep conversations with Grumpy and it was almost like we were old friends.

I`m not perfect, and I can play dirty sometimes, some of you know this first hand. But I always try to remain civil, even if you are my worst enemy.

I am sorry to see both of you go, cents and Grumpy. May your paths lay ever forward. Smooth flights and soft landings to you.
23day(s) ago
Honestly, anyone who quits this game seem to me to have been the ones to truly have won. Regardless,

29day(s) ago
shame... shameee... shameee....

Iím just playing game of thrones xd
35day(s) ago
Enjoy your retirements 😊
36day(s) ago
As some players point out to me I`m apparently in bad company, mixing in with bad crowd, allow me to reiterate: my post doesn`t hold any judgement, picks sides or whatever.

I`ve had nice conversations about hardship, finding the love of your life, having children, raising children, ... with some of the players here.
With cents I`ve had a great conversation about cats of all things.
There are genuinely nice people here and I choose to enjoy nice conversations while I`m clicking away precious hours of my life.

It`s sad to see so much anger and blame on forums, on Discord, in private messages.
There are so few of us left. Can we just get back to fighting and killing each other please?
37day(s) ago
> Dear GC,
> HelmsDeep and I would like to apologize for several empires either offing themselves or going into SLVM because of our return. Although it is true that our style of play can be compared to a pair of rabid pit bulls, we tend to play for a time for the enjoyment and then take a break. We sincerely regret the loss of targets for all.
37day(s) ago
Guys... please...
I don`t care about sides or who did what.
I`ve played this game off and on for 15 years, during which I`ve had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people and had talks for hours on end with complete strangers, but I`ve seen too many people come and go.
I still really like this game and at such a critical time, with a lot of changes on-going and a greatly diminished player-base, it just saddens me to see nice people go.
That is all, no more, no less.
37day(s) ago
The results are in.

We took the lie detector test, and 11 months of discord screenshots determined, THAT was a lie! Youíre all pretty two faced.

Weíve got at least some of you dead to rights abusing loopholes, botting, making multis. It really is amazing the utter lack of self awareness when youíre dreaming up all these ridiculous scenarios about *us* cheating because youíre all trash at the game.

You had every opportunity to change the outcome, but alas. The echo chamber of mental illness prevailed. You drove away faithful friends and allies by ostracizing them, fostered a toxic mentality of blaming everyone but yourselves, and to top it all off-the cheating. Wooooo boy. As much as you all THINK that we cheat because you are bad, it was you all along. We even let you do it. Maybe not all of you are to blame. But enough. And no, despite what you want to believe, we donít. Why would we need to?

Donít take this the wrong way, but even if we werenít in your discord, weíd have beat you guys even worse than we always inevitably did. What Iím trying to say, it was probably to your benefit that we saw your chat because we would sometimes fool ourselves into losing reading the nonsense. Crazy, I know.

You played yourselves. Every single time.

Goodbye, and good riddance to grumpy. Cents, best of luck.

P.S. Iím not an admin. I never claimed to be either. Just another pipe dream of yours.
37day(s) ago
If you cannot be civil. Do not post. I don`t care who is on what side, or who thinks what. Keep things respectful.
37day(s) ago

Edited by Amadea on 2019-11-07
37day(s) ago

Edited by Amadea on 2019-11-07

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