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  Status Update  

You might be wondering what`s going on, and where I`ve been. I`ve been sick, and dealing with a few personal family matters. Recently my aunt died, and things have been chaotic for me.

Now the link to the beta, which was also not ready for public release is:- GC Classic Dev

Link was shared on accident before we were prepared, so I decided to just post it up directly.

The backend is a extensively cleaned up GC on debian, running on Lucee & MariaDB. I have tested the ability to port over the entire database a few times now, it`s all functional and good to go.

The last problems need to be sorted out, and some changes still need to be done. Some functions are also needing to be fleshed out, we`re integrating anfits like functions into GC Classic directly. Nothing is set in stone, and suggestions are welcome for the front end.

Any issues, suggestions, or whatever else.. Please post it up in the forum on GC Classic Dev forum.

Join us on discord: GCC Discord

Edited by Amadea on 2019-10-15
99+ day(s) ago
* Updates are being worked on - you can help test and report bugs on both UC and GC
(On Discord)
99+ day(s) ago
Sorry to hear Amadea. Hey, no worries, we`ve been waiting for 15 years, we can wait a bit longer. Health & family come first.
99+ day(s) ago
I hope you are feeling and doing better after all of that.

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