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This an Income behindysis For the Miner race.
Collective 50/50 means 50 lvls in the econ listed on a 50k land c.4 and c.3 for Agri
Collective 200/200 means 200 lvls in the econ listed on a 200k c.4 and c.3 for Agri
All Tax Values were Calculated out with loyalty being at 5,000
Again, Plunder is a way of life.

all the info provided are based on the Races`, racial Ship (no Neutrals) averages as is says in the jpgs.

Collective Averages. Fun Facts. (all will be Averages. without neutrals, scouts, and starbases)
Upkeep/Pr .30480
Weapons/Pr .75294
Hull/pr 1.33968
Cost/pr $10.53
Cost/pr with mins @ 1k $19.80
Pr per turn 42,551
Weapons per turn 30,069
Hull per turn 57,234
Cost per turn $442,563
Cost per turn with Mins @ 1k $450,063
The Average Fun Facts About Collective 3 fastest building Ships. (Bark, Snow, Galleon)
Upkeep/Pr .25853
Weapons/Pr .47538
Hull/Pr 1.61046
Pr per Turn 53,987
Weapons per Turn 26,433
Hull Per Turn 83,000

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