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This an Income behindysis For the Miner race.
Miner 50/50 means 50 lvls in the econ listed on a 50k land c2
Miner 200/200 means 200 lvls in the econ listed on a 200k c3
All Tax Values were Calculated out with loyalty being at 5,000
(Mining info will be provided with colony type besides it
Supplemental income = no infra lvls invested in that econ type but all land devoted to that income type. It`s meant to be added to the mining info above it.)

As a side note, If you try to calc mining by hand your figures should be off from what i have listed because the formula is off for what ever reason, but i pulled the numbers for Mining off of in game testing so they are Correct and are what you can expect to see within the game.

all the info provided are based on the Races`, racial Ship (no Neutrals) averages as is says in the jpgs.

Miner Averages. Fun Facts. (all will be Averages. without neutrals, scouts, and starbases)
Upkeep/Pr .95435
Weapons/Pr .54072
Hull/pr 1.39819
Cost/pr $10.02
Cost/pr with mins @ 1k $38.67
Pr per turn 44,601
Weapons per turn 23,200
Hull per turn 59,123
Cost per turn $446,898
Cost per turn with Mins @ 1k $1,031,513
The Average Fun Facts About Miner 3 fastest building Ships. (Lyth, Lictor, Flysch)
Upkeep/Pr 1.09409
Weapons/Pr .42591
Hull/Pr 1.28153
Pr per Turn 74,235
Weapons per Turn 31,500
Hull Per Turn 94,833

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