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  Exule`s Game Guide  


Writer: Exule

Contributers: Exule, Boyer/Nerveya, Shanlan, Quaint, AGM94, 420Renegade, Evane, Pandy, forald, Maraudian

Edited by Exule on 2008-08-18

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99+ day(s) ago

I highly suggest looking at the ship list to get an idea of ship weaknesses and strengths. It will familiarize you with the various ships used in the game and you may start to see certain patterns in ship weaknesses and strengths for race and neutral ships.

Example #1: You will notice that many of the commonly used guardian ships such as ruby corvette and tourmaline fighter are weak toward missile attacks.

Example #2: You may also notice that strafez is weak against kinetic and energy damage, but incredibly strong against missile damage.

ECM is resistance against missile weapons.

Absorption Shield is resistance against kinetic damage.

Ionized Hull is resistance against chemical damage.

Energy Shield is resistance to energy weapons.
99+ day(s) ago

If you lose a battle when fighting, you can lose anywhere from 1-3 colonies, depending on how badly your fleet is destroyed.

The 3 colonies that are at stake when you are out of dp are the top 3 colonies in your colony list. You can see this list by going to "Manage Colonies" from your menu on the left side of the screen.

When looking at your list of colonies, the top 3 colonies should have a red "b" icon next to them. This means they are border colonies. Border colonies are the ones at risk during a battle as I just stated. To prevent yourself from losing your valuable colonies such as clusters, you will want to put useless colonies like gas planets on the top of the list. Worthless borders are called fodders planets, or just fodders.

You have to explore or fight for border colonies though, as you can't rearrange your colony list directly. If there is a useless Dead planet in the middle of your clusters, plunder it to bump your clusters above it down a spot.
You can only have a certain maximum amount of total colonies. The number of which is dependant on your race.
99+ day(s) ago

Attacks are normally limited to within a certain pr range. If you look at the ranking list and go to "rank near me," you will see players around you. Going to attack menu and selecting "browse" will also show a list of players around you. Now look to the right hand side of the screen and you will see various % values next to each player's pr. This shows their pr distance from your current pr.

Only attack if the % value of your target player is negative, meaning his pr is below yours. Higher pr usually gives the attack the advantage of a bigger fleet. You can attack anywhere from 0 through -129%. If your pr is higher than 129%, you will not be able to attack. The only exception is if you have counter attacks to use.

Fed Wars change things a bit. If your fed is at war with another fed, you can attack the enemy fed's players from 199% instead of 129%. They cannot do the same to you unless their fed has declared war on yours as well.


If you are terran or aspha miner, you have the ability to enslave and are also vulnerable to being enslaved.

In order for an empire to be enslaved, the attacker must set attack setting to enslave and he must destroy 60% or more of the defending fleet. No planets are taken during this kind of attack, but if successful, the target empire will be enslaved.

Slave empires automatically have 15% of their per-turn income sent to the master for each turn used. If the slave empire is making negative income (losing money) there will be no tribute sent to master.
99+ day(s) ago
***Getting Out of Slavery***

If your empire is enslaved, you can try a couple things to get free.

One way to get free is to rise to 10 times the pr of your master and then go to Slave Empires" menu from the left hand side of the screen. From there you can declare independence once at 10 times the guy's pr.

The easiest way to get free though is to simply ask politely. Especially if the master is at a pr higher than 100,000 pr. In which case it may be best to either ask nicely or wait till they lower their pr. Asking nicely isn`t hard. Often times, something along the lines of "Could you please release me from slavery? I would very greatly appreciate it :)" will work just fine.
99+ day(s) ago
***Managing Slaves***

I'd first like to say that if someone asks to be freed and they are relatively polite about it, please release them. It's the right and honorable thing to do.

If you are the slave master then you have some various options available to you. First of all, a lot of you managing will take place from the slave empires menu. Just click on "Slave Empires" on the left side of the screen to pull up the menu for managing slaves.

As a slave master, you will receive tribute automatically each time a slave uses a turn. The tribute money goes directly into your tribute reserves that you can access from the slave empires menu. When accessing your tribute reserves, you can either choose to send the money to one of your slaves, or to yourself.

Another option available to you is the punish button. You can choose to punish a slave, which will then reduce the loyalty on his colonies. This isn't very useful really, as loyalty is not a very big aspect of the game, and doesn't really have any significant value unless you are a tax income empire. In fact, punishing a slave will probably just make you look bad.

An important thing to note as a slave master is that slaves will require reinforcements. Reinforcements are ships sent into battle to assist a slave who is under attack. These reinforcements are sent from either your 4th or 5th stack. If you have no 4th or 5th stack, no ships will be sent. Reinforcements help ensure someone else doesn't enslave your slaves.
99+ day(s) ago

Artifacts are special items that one can use tactically to get an advantage in battle or simply out of spite for someone. They can also be used to for other purposes as well, such as small increases in amount of money. Artifacts can be used in fusing with other artifacts to produce better artifacts via the capsule lab. There are some sites that tell you artifact combinations ask around or look on fed detail page for links.

The effects of artifacts vary from increasing or decreasing cash to increasing or decreasing someone's turns. They can be used for both good and bad.

To go about getting artifacts, a player has to dig on a colony with excavation.

Things that can have an effect on artifact digs:

Planet Type- In order from worst to best is Ocean, Gas, U.Spazial. (Oceanic are arguably better than gas though.)

*Other planets will yield artifacts, but the quantity of which is not nearly as great.

Landmass- The lower the land a planet has, the better the results it will yield. The ideal planet to dig on would be a 2 land U. Spazial. 2 Land is as low as it will naturally get.

Race- Certain races have a positive or negative modifier in regard to finding artifacts.

Paid Account- Players with a paid account will have a 20% better chance of finding more artifacts than an unpaid player.

Turns Used- The amount of turns you use at one time when digging can play a huge role in your results, especially during rare and uncommon artifact dig times. This will also cut down on the amount of turns and resources wasted when bad things such as mine collapses and mysterious spore releases occur.

*Try to use 3 or 4 turns at one time for best results during rare and uncommon dig times.

Time- Time of day is one of the biggest factors in digging for artifacts. Different times will yield different rates of success as well as different artifacts.


*Note that all times listed are server time, which is based on Malaysian clocks.

Common Dig Time:
4:00 PM- 6:30 PM, 7:00 PM- 8:30 PM, 9:00 PM- 10:00 PM

Uncommon Dig Time:
8:31 PM- 9:00 PM

Rare Dig Time:
6:31 PM- 7:00 PM

*You may still find common orbs and other artifacts during other times throughout the day. The listed times are when you will find vast quantities of artifacts.

Hint: Regalos used at rare or uncommon dig times will yield better results.



The capsule lab is used to fuse artifacts in order to make better ones. The capsule lab is a project that you unlock by researching it first in the research tree, then by fulfilling the project requirements in your projects menu. Once you meet the requirements and wait the specified time, you may active your capsule lab and begin fusing artifacts.

Edited by Exule on 2008-08-08
99+ day(s) ago

This is known as the ultimate weapon (UW) and is not recommended for you to do usually. The result of the UW is a soft server reset; meaning 90% assets for all players are lost except for planets. Fed members of the UW user lose 66.6% rather than 90%.

To activate UW countdown, you need to research the Overmind, and then complete the project requirements from the projects menu. It has two parts to it, the Kal-Zul Hektar and Kal-Zul Loktar. Once someone builds and completes both, they have to stay alive (With the whole server attacking them) for 48 hours. Power rating restrictions do not apply, any player can hit you. Damage protection only lasts for 1 hour and you cannot fall below 500k pr.

If successful, the user's empire is destroyed and the user must restart. Their name is recorded in the GC Hall of Fame though.
99+ day(s) ago

Decoys are very useful tools if you don't have time to stack for one reason or another and decide to spam. They are also useful for stacking low pr or occupying spaces while you are in the process of building your stacks.

A decoy is a term I use for stacks of 1 ship following your main stacks. Some also calls them dummies.


1 hercules juggernauts
100 borrelly destroyers
3 tyr dreadnaughts
1 large strafez runner
1 large strafez fodder
1 small strafez runner
1 small strafez fodder
1 light frigate
1 light corvette
1 light fighter drone

The reason for using decoys is to distract enemy stacks. If you only have 1 big pr stack of ships and no other stacks, not even decoys; an enemy with a well balanced, 10 stack fleet will probably win. The explanation for this is that your first stack and engages the enemy`s first stack, all the other stacks will attack your stack at the same time while your stack is busy fighting the enemy's first stack. If you have decoys though, your upper stacks will last at least one round before getting targeted by multiple stacks. It may be just enough time for your stacks to inflict sufficient damage to win.

Another reason for decoys is that if one of your stacks gets finished off early in battle, the enemy's stack will hopefully randomly select the decoy instead of one of your main stacks to team up on.

Surviving a battle can be easier with decoys. Battles are determined by the amount of pr lost, as long as the defend has ships surviving the battle, they still may win. If your top stacks get wiped out but do enough damage to the enemy fleet before dying, you can still win, provided that at least 1 decoy makes it out alive. There are only so many rounds that a battle goes on for, so chances of winning increase with decoys.

Edited by Exule on 2008-08-08
99+ day(s) ago

When stacking, you need to make sure your ships are all very near in pr. A well balanced fleet can usually defeat anything.

One of the best ways to win is to keep your fleet unpredictable. If your enemy can`t guess what you are using, they stand less of a chance of using effective ship combinations against your stacks.

Using neutral ships is one of the best ways to be unpredictable. People will try to use ships that will be effective against what think you will use based on what race you are. At least that's what a decent fighter would do, because it makes the most sense to use ships that are strong against the types one's opponent deploys. The unexpected use of strafez and c. class can cause many casualties if the enemy is unfortunate enough to use the wrong ships against neutral type ships.

Changing stack order is important too. Once you get attacked or attack someone, change your stacks. People can rearrange their fleet to use more effective ships against you if you keep the same stacks. Another possibility is that they could send someone else a message with your stack set up and let that other person do the dirty work. It's best just to be safe, because if someone knows your stacks, all the unpredictability vanishes and you lose a major advantage.

The random factor is always good too. Try not to over-think and second-guess yourself. Take it easy and arrange your stacks with a certain level of random stacking. Use some sense, but make sure there's enough randomness to add a level of unpredictability.
99+ day(s) ago

Predicting the enemy falls under the saying "know your enemy." By observing the movement of players through the pr ranks, you can sometimes guess at what they are building. Like if someone is building pr up really fast, there is a good chance that the person could be buildings lots big ships.

Example: 50 hercules juggernauts can be killed by lots of queens on aggressive attack.

If you notice a slow pr build up, you can guess it is probably a stacker. Although there is always the possibility of a borrelly spam. The best idea is to stack either way. Large fodders should go on top if you suspect a borrelly spam. They will keep the borrelly stack busy while your other stacks kill the spam.
99+ day(s) ago

After looking through the ship list and identifying trends in general race weaknesses and strengths, one can start to formulate plans for defeating enemies more easily.

Guardian ships that are more commonly used such as ruby corvette, tourmaline fighter, and k. hun li destroyer all seem to be weak to missile damage. What's more, they mostly have a limited range. Using missile ships with long range such as P. Thors, P. Zeus, and Tyr dreadnaughts, will often inflict great damage to guardians. Especially if used on aggressive.

Some guard ships are also weak to energy, but those are often the ships less commonly used by guardians.

One must be wary when fighting guardians though, there are some out there who are good stackers. They will use strafez and other neutral ships which will kill your aggressive attackers.
99+ day(s) ago
Marauders are weak overall to missile, chemical, and some kinetic. The weaknesses depend on the ship, but the most common weakness is chemical. Since many of their ships have kinetic or energy damage, it may be wiser to rely more on missile damage and just use strafez near the middle or bottom stacks.

One of the occasional marauder ships that are extremely resistant to missile is the angel battleship. It is best to use chemical or kinetic on these. Since they are a big ship though, killing them is an easy way to kill off your enemy's pr quickly.

When dealing with marauder, be careful of pyth spams on careful attack. Especially on counter attacks. They can be very deadly. Use long range missile damage on aggressive if you see a marauder building rapidly to counter you.
Dealing with virals is a bit different. Although you should be making use of neutral ships anyways, it is especially important to use neutral ships against them. One has to meet a viral`s unpredictability with their own use of unpredictability with a touch of random fleet arrangement if they want to win in this situation. Sometimes virals can be easy to predict if they are spamming big ships, but if they stack well it can get rough. Strafez fodders are highly recommended against virals.
Terrans are relatively easy to fight, although a good terran fighter could pose a challenge.
Many terran ships are weak to chemical or have no energy shield, a fact that is rather important to note. Terran P. class fairs very poorly against strafez ships, whether it be fodders, runners, or queens.

As with any race, neutral ships can be highly valuable in your fleet. Make sure to combine strafez with other neutral and race ships when fighting a terran.

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