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  On backup, 2 servers down  

Microsoft update screwed up, we are running on backup

Long Version

After the latest Microsoft update, 2 of our servers is down and unrecoverable (this means we have to format it).

The first server started to be unstable sometime on the 12th to 15th (unable to verify this as the server has been shutdown), this effects uc.gamestotal.com and gc.gamestotal.com . During this time up to the 19th a number of players would notice the server lagging (or going totally offline) for a duration of 1-3 hours that occurs on 3 separate occasion from 12-15th to the 19th.

The 2nd server (uc3.gamestotal.com) died. Server basically hung after Microsoft auto-update installed some junk, and all reboot attempts failed to boot it up (Window`s infamous blue screen of death).

Initially we moved uc3.gamestotal.com over to a backup server however we decided that the stability of uc+gc is more important, hence uc3 is currently offline

AW + 3700AD is currently offline because we have switched off the 2 servers that is facing problems (instability + cant start).

What now ?

1. I`ll curse at Microsoft for the next 2 weeks for screwing up big time, normally it just hungs our server, after 2-3 reboots it sorta works.

2. I gotta have to drive down to Singapore to re-format and re-configure the servers, which is going to cost a bomb and going to take a long time. Hoping to get the servers back up by end of Feb or beginning of March. Grrrr....

3. Once everything is done, everyone will get +3 paid days (for those who is on paid acc)

4. UC update scheduled for end of Feb will be delayed (yet again sigh)

What can you do ?

1. Curse Microsoft
2. Donate and help support us trying to revive our servers, will cost us a bomb to bunking in Singapore for a couple of days (if not longer) to fix them.

Notes from Stephen

It is lucky I am insane enough to believe in redundancy and backup big time, as it is not common to have 2 servers down at the same time. I am kinda expecting a worst case scenario that a single server dying on us... not 2. I guess I have to be appreciative for not having all 5 of our servers dead.

Microsoft patches has been causing a lot of problems for us even previously but nothing to such an extend, and yes we are using ORIGINAL and LICENSED software... I am unsure if a pirated version could have perform better in this case. I guess I should have started learning about Linux a long time ago and we wont be facing such issues, however I am kinda stuck with our current infrastructure therefore nothing much can be done other than me whining and groaning. Before I leave I would like to apologize for bashing Mikeysoft (a bit more this time) mainly due to me being really-not-happy , just feeling tired hungry and not assumed i gotta spend a lot of long days ahead fixing up the 2 ser
99+ day(s) ago
tpe i love u
99+ day(s) ago
do you mind an updater ?
99+ day(s) ago
Godspeed actually it is coldfusion (which there are naturally apache modules for...) and microsoft sql server. So to move to a decent server OS he would need to port all the code for a decent database and move all of the data across which isnt such an easy task... (though in the long run it would have massive advantages...)
99+ day(s) ago
If you are not willing to change OS a general tip is to test updates on a server not currently in normal use before doing them on your live servers or waiting and researching shortly each update waiting to be applied to see if others are experiencing issues.
99+ day(s) ago
Seriously i think you should switch to Unix or Linux(free OS). Apache always was better under linux and more secure. This is not advretising but you go to www.linuxquestions.com and maybe someone there could bring you up to date on the distro you should use and how to do everything before even doing it. Considering you are using php and MySQL or POSTG SQL, the servers are not stuck to one OS...... Or you could do this with just one server to at lest try it out.
Sorry to hear what i allready knew about MIcrosoft and they`r servers.
99+ day(s) ago
wow that sux steph. good luck w/ fixing everything.
And not to be too persistent? but the uc update scheduled for feb. sure but what about the GC update scheduled a couple years back? Can the GC players be expecting it anytime around 2008 at least?
99+ day(s) ago
Use more Microsoft! Yeah! :-)
Try to figure it out under Debian or other linux release and ur out of troubles buddy.
Good luck with Bill :))
99+ day(s) ago
That sucks =( Sorry to hear that Steph..Definetly not the first time microsoft screwed up xD
I mean what, every update they do shuts us down somehow?
99+ day(s) ago
Sorry to hear of your troubles; lost a pair of borders but that`s nothing to what you`re going through. Good luck, hope the family`s ok. :)
99+ day(s) ago
danged... i asked an admin what was wrrong with my account... cause i got logged every 4 or 5 min ( messaged told me server was not available... temp down of server or maybe no internet connection)for bout 30 to 45 sec.....this was goin on for at least and weeK... so first ive cleaned me stuff cause i tought somethin was in me pc ....trojan or so.... but when me pc was as clean as an babys ace i started questionin around....maybe prob with connection between europe and asia or somethin.... then me last attempt was contactin an A and askin if they maybe let an bottin prog on me to force me log of every 5 min... the A said nothin wrong here...lmao
99+ day(s) ago
Why did it take 4-7 days to realize something was wrong and figure out what it was...
99+ day(s) ago
And can we expect a Event/update of GC??

While your at it??

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