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  Data center move ?  

We are relocating our servers

Important Notes

1. This is to keep you guys updated on whats happening.

2. Constructive comments: If u hate it, explain in detail and (if possible) calculation/math behind it, or say u dont like it

3. Keep this discussion related and civil

4. -1 days turn if your posts are in anyway *unrelated or *uncivil (sack if u r guide/admin), no appeals will be entertained

Stephen ~ 2011-01-19

Good news, UC server 1 is up (UC server 3 should be up around 2 hours from my posting).

For those facing lag issues please try to switch to another UC server as it might help.

Stephen ~ 2011-01-18 4 pm

6-7 hours has passed without any major issues so I would assume it would be safe to play the game now. Please post any problems/bugs that you encounter here.

You are also welcome to post how you feel about the new server (like speed wise, is it faster or slower?)

At the moment only UC server 0 is up. I`ll be activating UC server 1-3 tomorrow and this should be on different physical locations.

BadWolf ~ 2011-01-18

Everyone has now been given 32 hours DP inside UC & 30 hours inside GC..

Forgot to note due to note that all Retals have been wiped as well. Sadly there is nothing stephen can do regarding this

Artifacts are also inaccessible due to the extended DP time.. Will be fixed when dp time goes down to normal dp time. I.E 23 Hours inside GC


BadWolf ~ 2011-01-18

The move for GC server has been mostly completed ~ Full testing has yet to be done you are advised to stay in special DP.

Special DP is currently the pending refresh.. Do not be alarmed by this.

The Move for UC server is still in progress and updates will be made When available

There may be logs from the test server on some people`s accounts from between 2011-01-16 to 2011-01-17 server time.

Do not be alarmed by these they have not effected your actual accounts in any way shape or form.

Thanks everyone

~ BadWolf

Server maintenance Notice

from ~ 9:00 AM 2011-01-18 (Tue)
to ~ 6:00 PM 2011-01-19 (Wed)

*Server time (-8 GMT)

+ effects GC & UC
+ everyone will be given special DP

Reason: Moving server location from Singapore to US


We are conducting a simulation of `moving gc` and `moving uc` and as a practice run. hopefully with more practice runs we will ensure smooth transition (with minimal bugs/errors)


http://manga.gamestotal.com has been successfully moved over (some images may take another 1-2 hours to move)


Ok, I`ve moved a couple of test services over to
... Click here to view entire Message
99+ day(s) ago
That Stephen, what a kidder.
99+ day(s) ago
I`m sorry to hear about the slower speeds some of you are experiencing, though I`m not sorry that the pendulum has shifted in `our` direction. :D
99+ day(s) ago
Dig-times are servertime dependant afaik <_<
So, no they didn`t changed...
99+ day(s) ago
So, are the dig times changed ?
99+ day(s) ago
dig time depends on where the players are from, not the server :)
99+ day(s) ago
0.05x Load (sec) seems much faster here in the uk
99+ day(s) ago
2-4sec load ... miss the 1sec loadining D:
99+ day(s) ago
Funny mines always been 0.05--0.00x Load (sec) nows its a bit faster and i live in Oklahoma
99+ day(s) ago
is there any chance the dig times could be shifted a few hours forward like 4 or 5 hours?
99+ day(s) ago

pending refresh hanging happens after special dp.. fixes at server refresh normally..

Also digging is fine you just got a massive spat of bad luck lol
99+ day(s) ago
i`m in florida U.S. and it seems to be runing very fast :D
99+ day(s) ago
seems fixed.. for now;
mayhem with everyone out of dp ^^
99+ day(s) ago
Ya something looks wrong with the DP expiring status
99+ day(s) ago
oh; and last 15minutes, digging persistently results in nothing found :s
using luck artifacts, and varying in #turns used, didn`t improve the situation
99+ day(s) ago
something is wrong with the pending refresh i think :p
it just keeps on pending... but never really expires =)
99+ day(s) ago
guess stephen is catering to the majority of players, i.e. the westerners.
bummer, i miss my old speed :(
99+ day(s) ago
Well then i guess it does after reading the comments. Good for you europe people
99+ day(s) ago
Will this affect the speed? Because now the loading time is WAY slower then it used to be here in Malaysia
99+ day(s) ago
Loading is slower over here in singapore. guess got too used with the instant loading in the past.. got to get use to this
99+ day(s) ago
europe-the netherlands load times much faster 0.15x-0.05x