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Updates & Changes

Someone closed my original thread, so here is my Patreon again. Patreon

Want to show your support for the updates, or for the work I do in general? Donate Here! There`s also my paypal at BadWolfGC@gmail.com

December 10 2018

Market Fixes

Food Minimum
I forgot to log that Minimum posting price for food was raised from 2 to 4.

Sorry for any confusion. ~ BW

December 05 2018


Paids for all!
Global Paids for all servers is now active, and will remain active as long as we`re at our goal. Thanks everyone!

Global Paids -
As we have reached the milestone, Global Paids have been activated. All empires in the game will receive a Paid status as long as the milestone remainds reached.

Empires who wish to not participate and have their status removed back to Free, please contact the admins.

For those who previously had Paid status, be advised that these days will carry over even while the Global Paids are in effect.

This means that if next month the milestone is not reached, your paid status will remain in effect while utilizing the time you got for your donation.

For this reason be advised that existing Paids will not be refunded for the reason of utilizing the Global Paids. This is in conjunction with the fact that donations are not subject to refund.

Thank you,

Small Fixes
Market expiring goods, will now return to players inventory at the correct values.
An error with I-Tech has been amended. Thank you to TheBlueKnight who spotted the issue.

December 04 2018

Bulk Update!

First, a number of quality of life changes for the market and posting on the market:

Market Withdrawal
Market Withdrawal has been fixed, backend improved, with new features added!
You can now view all postings you have on the market under withdrawal, rather than just the 10 closest to expiration.
You can view the total sum of an item posted on the market under withdrawal, adding up all your posts.

Market Posting
The maximum posts per 15 minutes has been increased from 15 to 60.
The wait time to post more after hitting the maximum has been decreased from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.
You can now post 5 billion instead of 1 billion at a time for Food, RM and CG`s.

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99+ day(s) ago
Yes Think that sounds about right.
99+ day(s) ago
So I can lose 15% more than the defender and I still win?

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