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  Minor GC update  

Minor GC update, and whats in plan...


I`ve already discussed with some vets and they are doing the math to do some minor updates to the ships. I cant do the update myself because my math is bad (u wouldnt want me to do the calculations, all admins voted against that though o_0)

Minor update on GC
o Admins can now and setup GC-DM on the fly. this means any admins can organize DM, this means more DMs from now on
o Minor bug fixes includes: Admins refreshing the server, Problems reactivating inactive accounts, minor update on the login & signup pages, minor update on game-init pages

first of all, let me appologize for the delay in things happening in gc. anyhow first let me remind all players of certain things.

gc 1.06

gc has evolved, many updates was done. a lot of players werent happy with the changes in the game therefore when gc 1.06 came up i made a promise to all players back then that there will no longer be any major change in the game (unless really required), and that we will concentrate more on other aspect of the game, namely the content side.

so what now ?

i`ve been testing out some game related mission (or game events) on uc, and so far it has worked out pretty well, we will be implementing game events in uc pretty soon. we are also testing out a number of other things on uc, and so far a number of them wont work on gc, so as soon as we manage to find something that works we will try it out on gc as well. for those very old players, you will notice that everything is usually tested out in uc before gc. this is because... well if something goes wrong in uc, you`ll lose 1000, 2000 planets. however if something does go wrong in gc, you may lose 3 c3 which can be like 6 months worth of work, hence the reason why we are more sensitive towards gc.

why the delay in this ?

first of all let me share this with you. i`ve gotten in a number of guys, whos supposedly to be working on the content side of uc first then moving on to gc. sadly most of the guys i`ve gotten in to help out with the content has not made it pass the uc stage, and a majority of them dont even complete their work. it is very frustrating for us, mainly because we are a non-profit community based organization compared to many other p2p (pay to play) games out there who have a ton more budget than we do. with our low budget the people we employ to do this, well ... like they say you`ll get monkeys if you pay peanuts. if you wish to help, to see more improvement in the content side then please do help us out by donating or introducing someone who is willing to work 24-7 for days on end for a couple of months for peanuts.

i am still trying to find or hire people to help us out with this, and believe me it
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99+ day(s) ago
also why can you make posts longer than 2000 characters and we cant no fair :((
99+ day(s) ago
so who were the vets you spoke to i may not be a g or anything but ive had about around 3 years here do i have no voice at all :(( i dont care if i dont but would like to know who these vets are so i can tell them how i feel about some things

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