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  Bounty ! Kalzul !  

Bonus round for killing of the Kalzul starts ! (Except for slow server)


Congratulations to Slow Server for completing the Special Mission, prizes has been given out to all who qualify. A new game-event will be coming up soon, and we are trying to time it so we can start it together with the next game-event on UC :) So start accumulating resources for it :)


Congratulations on finishing the special mission ! Prizes (+5% to +10% colony size) has been given out to all who qualify. Cheers and do watch out for the next game-event which will start pretty soon :)

For Slow Server: The special mission is still underway, and prizes will be given out once the Kalzul is dead, you guys got 1 more week to finish it otherwise no prizes


New mission !

The mission has gone into bonus round for all servers (except for Slow), reward has been given out to all players

To qualify you will have to do sufficient damage to the Kalzul, this means you have to at least kill off a few Kalzul ships. The most Kalzul ships you manage to kill off, the more chances that you will get the reward.

Congratulations !

Most servers has finished the mission, reward has been given out to all players who have qualified for the prize, seeing at +5% to +10% increase in land size to all their colonies :)


Reward for killing off the Kalzul :

+5 to +10% to land size to all your Colonies (with more than 1,000 land)

To qualify you will have to do sufficient damage to the Kalzul, this means you have to at least kill off a few Kalzul ships. The more Kalzul ships you manage to kill off, the more chances that you will get the reward and also the higher the reward :)

Kalzul Empires will come out of DP every 60 minutes.

Another game-event will appear after all the Kalzul on all game speed has been killed off, so kill `em quick :)

Kalzul Empires

Kalzul (GC-RT)
Kalzul (GC-Ultra)
Kalzul (GC-Fast)
Kalzul (GC-Normal)
Kalzul (GC-Slow)

Edited by Stephen on 2006-08-08
99+ day(s) ago
what is the background of the Kalzul
99+ day(s) ago
EvilLoof that sounds like UC there
99+ day(s) ago
what all these New Events... wasn`t there an Update like planned...

god this works just like government lol
99+ day(s) ago
dolche u could attack KZ in NP cos it was going by UW attact restriction rules...no suprise there :P
99+ day(s) ago
no bounties have been handed out yet.

still waiting on stephen
99+ day(s) ago
I was completely unaware that we could hit it from low power, as if it was caryying an UW. When was this made known? If I had known this I would of hit...
99+ day(s) ago
Aba yeah 4 stacks was a little... easy... should put it at max pr and use all the Zul ships and a couple Neutrals to fill the gaps for the rest of the 10 *nods* be fun, I want another zul.. we should give players the option to have a personal Zul bot to take down that would be suhweeet
99+ day(s) ago
lol TBK.

the thing is GC:RT is a `stale` server.

nothing really happens. nothing to build for just to get clear of counters or just burn money for no reason

this way with the occasional NPC bot it spices it up for several hours

though i do admit the KZ was way to low in PR on RT, and only 4 stacks? O_o

anyways...just an opinion
99+ day(s) ago
`removed by EvilAbadaos`s request

and abadayos, think flowers, lol ok next time great big pretty ones covered in frilly blue wallpaper, yes wallpaper
(ok he didn`t ask for the comment, lol)

Edited by Pandy on 2006-07-25
99+ day(s) ago
it did kinda suck tho cause its power was way too low it shoulda been at 2 billion so more people had time to fight it i mean even when it had uw it was twice the power it was here
99+ day(s) ago
chessRPGrulerKoA: Sorry to say I was NOT even aware that you could hit it from low PR, so before you start stating otherwise, know what YOU are talking about.

It was NOT even made aware that you could EVEN hit the blasted thing from LOW PR. So again some advise for your Chess, know what you are talking about before you speak.

AGAIN I only found out about the fact that you could hit it without being within the NORMAL PR range for attacking AFTER KZ had been `killed` off. Otherwise I would have been spamming it from LOW PR.
99+ day(s) ago
/me wonders when we will get our reward...
99+ day(s) ago
Merlin, it was fun for those of us that were around to knock it down, don`t complain because you couldn`t summon the funds (read: initiative) to try to help remove the KalZul. Instead of complaining that "this event sucked because blah blah and blah", just wait for the next one and see if you can do something to help.
99+ day(s) ago
Actually vorapsak KZ isnt dead, it`s sitting at 11k.

As well. sorry to say Stephen, while it may look good adding this event in, I think some more planning should have gone into it.

I have just found out now from a Guide that ANYONE from ANY PR could have hit KZ, not just those who have the money and such that managed to recover the quickest after the UW on RT.

Honestly if KZ`s dead, please put it to 0 planets on GCRT so it doesnt show up as a potential target only to get hit and get 0 planets from it for the win.

Yes I may sound pissy, but having such an event only hours after a UW, and not many details being given about it, does get my ire up.
99+ day(s) ago
Kalzul (GC-Ultra) has no ships left does that mean he is dead. as you cannot capture any planets he cannot die from lack of planets.
99+ day(s) ago
You dun get any planets dude!!!!!

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