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  Direction of GC  

A long story explaining what is our future plans for this game

Direction of GC

In the next couple of months we will be concentrating on:

1. Deathmatches
2. Game-Events
3. Role-playing & story

i`ve also compiled the questions posted frequently by older players in the GC game and will answer them in this thread instead so it would be more convinience to all players.

What has Stephen been doing ?

The answer is yes and no. A lot of things have been happening on our end, first i`ve got hospitalized, now its the end of year filing in which we have to do a ton of paperwork (required by the goverment here to ensure we dont do anything illegal), and then next in the time span of mid Aug to Sept we will be relocating to a new office (sort of an office anyway). Therefore there isnt much time to do much things.

Why is there more events in UC than GC recently ?

This is because UC has more features up in the admin site compared to GC, mainly because UC is running on 1.07 and GC 1.06. The difference is the admins here can put up more game events in UC compared to GC. To put up game events on GC Stephen has to personally do it, and since Stephen is busy, it has not been done until now.

Why is there no update for GC (feature wise)

Basically there is two types of updates. One is feature update and another is balancing update.

For feature update, the game is pretty much GC, putting in more features or changing the features will change the game and the game will no longer be GC. I know a lot of older players like GC the way it is, at the same time a number of older GC players are pretty much bored with the current GC. Putting in new features or basically changing the game will have a lot of impact on it, and will make GC into another game.

I remembered that it was a hard decision to do a drastic update on UC (1.06 to 1.07), and due to the update about 80% of all players left and ALL the game-admins and guides on UC left. The UC game changed so much that the current UC is a completely different game from the old UC. Hence the reason why after I personally do not intend to change GC the way it is, as GC does have sentimental value to me and a number of players as the `original root` spacefed (gamestotal.com).

This is the same reason why I personally choose to redo (update) UC to 1.07 instead of GC, therefore all the players have the choice to either continue playing on GC or to switch to UC rather than to update GC to 1.07. I hope this will clear up the misconception of why GC is the way it is and way UC is the way it is.

Now the reason why UC has been getting a ton of updates especially balancing update is because, the UC game itself isnt as balance as GC. There is a lot of balancing issues
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99+ day(s) ago
C3 has to be fought for... & that is to hard... we make money easy but we cant get planets over 80 that easy at all...
99+ day(s) ago
stop complaining atleast theres an update,, though yeah miner rebalncing will be good
99+ day(s) ago
and more ships and build rates for collectives and maybe release dark maruders to play

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