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Some replies in the Help Center is lost, plz post `em again

With deep regret, a number of replies in the Help Center was lost (post prior to 2:15 PM 24th July 2006) right after we did a long overdue `Microsoft Security Update`. We are also unable to recover this from our backup systems as well, as i`ve found out in horror that the new `Microsoft Security Update` somehow disables our backup system (oh-my-god! why the heck did the Security Update do that ???).

I promise all players that in the future I will personally check through our backup systems to ensure it is running before using any `Microsoft Security Update` :((((

Any players not happy please feel free to complain, take legal action, throw eggs and others at www.microsoft.com

What now ?

Please post up your replies, questions, inquiries or other issues up on the Help Center again. I personally appologize for all inconvinience caused by this :(

Edited by Stephen on 2006-07-24
99+ day(s) ago
hi my account now is DISTEMPER you can delete this one because i kno i did bad things on my other accox but plz give me a second chance the acccount i want back is funkycrabgrass plz i want funkycrabgrass back
99+ day(s) ago
microsoft works,isnt that an oxymoron? "khamon ducks maraudians egg throwing finishing move " ?
99+ day(s) ago
* throws eggs at stephen and points at other people *

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