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  Over 1000+ players logged in !  

Great news, total users login has exceeded 1,000 !


Another good news, as of 1.00 AM 2006-08-08 (server time) we have breached the 1,000 simultaneous users online mark (highest count 1,036) ! This number only include the GC & UC game and does not include other beta games (Ancient Worlds & 3700AD). *Stephen shall starting singing the Congratulation song to himself o_0

I would like to thank everyone who have help us made this possible :) Thank you so much everyone. I guess the next thing we should be aiming at is to break the top 1,000 websites in the whole world, a place where we will be competing against guys like Google, Yahoo and the other huge giants. Well I guess we need at least 5,000 players logged in to achieve that, anyhow human needs a dream to achieve right ?


Great news, total users loggin has exceeded 930 !

a very good morning to everyone here, it is now 5.30 am and i am still awake, haha.... i would like to share some good news with everyone, all players, guides and admins and of course your pets and mouses :)

today 4th of August 2006, we have noticed that the number of simutanous online players has surpassed the 900 mark with over 750+ players in UC alone, this is a superb news for us, and we hope that more players will be joining in and playing our game.

i would like to thank all the players out there who have invited their friends over to play, this couldnt be possible without your help, support and invitations. to everyone else who havent asked or invited their friends to play, do give it a try :) there is a high chance that your friend will love the game :)

ah ! more players = more people to attack = more fun eh ? :)

i shall continue to work harder towards improving the game for everyone`s enjoyment, please show your support by continue-ing to introduce and invite your friends to play on our games. hope to see cool stuff coming to the game.

Edited by stephen on 2006-08-08

Edited by Stephen on 2006-08-08
99+ day(s) ago
I was... LOL... I`d left all three speeds on UC open and was logged in on GCRT
99+ day(s) ago
hmm... there are way too many uc players, and not enoguh gc is all this says >_<

/me thinks stephen should make a pop up leading to gc form the uc home page :D
99+ day(s) ago
When I first started playing over 2 and a half years ago there was on average about 250 people logged into GC at any given time... Not there`s only about 150. That`s very sad since I think GC is the better game. But as long as theres`s at elast one other person other than me, that`s ok with me!

Merlin... Correct me if I`m wrong, but doesn`t Stephen log individual IPs? Not sure if that`s what he`s counting though... Either way you look at it, the game is growing

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