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  Change of turns  

GC/RT Turns Max Updated

Max turns for GC/RT has been updated to 30 turns for non-paid and 45 turns for paid in-line with UC.


At the moment Just the RT server has been updated turn based severs may follow in the future after we assess the various maxes and whether they need changing or not. Turn generation has not been changed at all for either paid or unpaid.

Hopefully this will encourage more people to come to GC to as i know a lot complain about the lower turn cap.

Hope you all enjoy new turns and its a small sign that GC`s not been forgotten about.

Edited by Eternus on 2006-08-18

In Addition the Help Centre

Now shows you the Guides and Admin online on Galactic Conquest

Edited by Pandy on 2006-08-19
99+ day(s) ago
Sounds good
99+ day(s) ago
i am TheEvilRepublic4 by the way
99+ day(s) ago
EvilLoof, if you can`t be on multiple times a day then that means that isn`t the server for you.. each server is designed for people that can log on a certain amount of times a day... personally i prefer UC`s setup cause GC has too many slight modifications and i think 6 different speeds is unnecessary..
99+ day(s) ago
lol africa as a guard with a 2.7 mill base pr, i would like a wee bit more than 100 turns to try to defend against the dude at 12 mill pr with fed bonus perhaps:P but yea ok, havent lost a single cluster ever there when i still played that dull boring server...perhaps more turns for the people that cant be online multiple times a day would be the answer for that server to get a bit more interestin?
99+ day(s) ago
I like the extra turns but don`t stop there.GC needs a face-lift to attract more players,everyone knows this.Nice little tweak though.Thanks Stephan!
99+ day(s) ago
The thing about ultra is that youre supposed to get on several times a day. Thats the point. Otherwise the turnbased servers would be completely alike.
I also like the fact that you really need to consider your fleet and who you hit on ultra as 150 turns arent much if you fail an attack and have to rebuild. One thing is that the turns regenerate quickly, but to let people have them to start with would change some of things you need to consider in order to play that server.
99+ day(s) ago
inclined to agree wtih loof here on the slower servers, and defintely aba on the dp thing, dont change that gc will lose its charm.

I`m not convinced yet about fast or ultra, would need a lot of thinking about there.
99+ day(s) ago
24 hours is more than enough for RT. if u cant take teh DP being too short play a turn based server...would be better for ur situation i would say personally

thanks stephen the extra turns are very handy
99+ day(s) ago
Hope Fast server have an update like this :) 10 to 20 turns increase will be great :)
99+ day(s) ago
hey Stephen, will the turn based decrease or increase turns, cause i dont know when to throw in my e-coupon on my Ultra, if it increases, ill throw it in after the update, lol

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