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  GC Death Match 2006  

GC Death Match 2006 is coming back. Total of $176.70 worth of prizes up for grab


DM Announcement
Galactic Conquest Death Match 2006 will begin soon....

Deathmatch Tournament 2006
Deathmatch tournament is the main event for GamesTotal.com where players will be competing against each other within 4 hours. The game play is extremely fast compared to speed offer in standard server. Join now to experience it yourself.

Total of $$176.70 worth of prizes to be won by up to 15 players !!!

  • 1st - USD$89.25 worth of Prize! (approx RM339.15 )
  • 2nd - USD$59.50 worth of prizes
  • 3rd - USD$27,95 Worth of prizes
For more details, click here.

To join
To signup go to http://gc.gamestotal.com/dm/i.cfm?p=login&se=5.
Everyone should login to the DM server at least 15 minutes before the match starts.

We are using Google Calendar as our event manager. To view it, please click here.

Prize Details
1st ` USD$89.25 Worth of prizes! (Approx RM339.15)
Consist of: 5 units of 3 months worth of e-coupon.

2nd ` USD$59.50 Worth of prizes
Consist of: 5 units of 2 months worth of e-coupon.

3rd ` USD$27,95 Worth of prizes
Consist of: 5 units of 1 month worth of e-coupon.

Notes: E-Coupon = In-game e-coupon
... Click here to view entire Message

99+ day(s) ago
my 2 month RT coupon worked just fine on Fast server. no need to change it.
99+ day(s) ago
Can we get our coupons exchange for server we play in!!! i dont play RT - im a turn base server player & have be for over 3 years!!!
99+ day(s) ago

me and the people i gave em to all got their prizes, including brown ;)

Thanks Eternus
99+ day(s) ago
Ok well you`ll all be happy to know i`ve got the coupons and will be sending them out shortly (after i get back from work or tmrrw morning) PM me leaders from whichever account you want them sent to
99+ day(s) ago
Underdogs leader was drunkenmasters

United Terran leader was atronite

Chronic Monkeys - sagacityUSRR
99+ day(s) ago
hmm and this was the last match i think.

Seventh and Final Round Round Results

First Place

    United Terran Union

  • {Veil} 58
  • darknights 61
  • brown 64
  • galactickiller 70
  • atronite 85

    Total 338

Second Place

    Chronic Monkeys

  • keltikelti 57
  • sidewinder 59
  • ChronicInhaler 63
  • SagacityUSRR 63
  • LastCrusader 66
    Total 308


  • DrunkenMasters 61
  • xixixix 32
  • UberPansy 20
  • rayearth 0
  • Varna 1
    Total 114
99+ day(s) ago
Running Tally Totals
(only listed here the top 10 feds)

  1. Underdogs


  2. United Terran Union


  3. Chronic Monkeys


  4. M | K Kapow!


  5. terran-revenge


  6. Cant think of a name


  7. AssassinS


  8. Chosen Few MVPs


  9. RavensEmpire


  10. An Army of Penguins

99+ day(s) ago
You guys don`t read the help center at all do you?

Bloody Stephen lost all the posts on his `clean out` again everything that was answered its like the 5th time he`s done it.

Then he wonders why new players leave, because he bleeding well removes teh answers from a `clean out` before they get a chance to read them.

However what is amusing is that in the help center it still shows who made the last post, even though its gone, so this means that the guides and other players think something is answered, (which probably was) but isn`t anymore.

Now for cheese sake read what i put on the post in the general forum and don`t think that there isn`t a record of who won what, i kept it all in a excel file and have a copy in gmail as a back up and a copy to eternus, so you who`ve come first second and third wont` miss out, just bleeding well nag the pants off them ok about you`re precious prizes until you get them.
99+ day(s) ago
Here is a link to another Deathmatch post

99+ day(s) ago
???? humm getting rid of the evidence
99+ day(s) ago
What the hell happened here? Bet you a hurricane hit ONLY Stephan`s house and some how deleted all the posts... o.O

ridiculous... i want my prize!
99+ day(s) ago
figures that all the posts would be deleted

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