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  No more Skotos  

We have suspended server links to Skotos

With deep regrets we are sad to inform all players that effective 2006-09-22 we will be suspending the link between Skotos to our GC server. This suspension can either temporary or permanent depending on Skotos`s response.

Hey ! I am from Skotos and I cant login !

Our admins will be contacting those 44 Skotos users, if you are one of those users please contact an admin to request `unlink from Skotos` to be able to login directly from Gamestotal.com instead of having to go though Skotos.

Who is Skotos ?

We went into a marketing agreement with Skotos in June 2003. Skotos is a network game company which means they have a number of games on their website. They tie up with other game developers (like us) and put our games on their network. Our agreement with them is, they push (market) our games to get more players in, and our responsibility is to ensure the game is up and running.

Why ?

There is a number of factors involved.

Their role is marketing in which they are meant to push our GC game and to get more players in to GC. Sadly the last time I`ve seen them doing marketing was back in 2003.

They also owe us over 1 year+ royalties.

We havent been able to contact them for months, it is either there is something wrong with their email servers or they are ignoring us.

GC with 10,000 active players has 44 active accounts from Skotos which represents 0.44% of the total number of players in GC.

Notes from Stephen

Note: Spacefed = old name for Gamestotal.com

I would like to personally say that Shannon (I think thats the person in charge of Skotos) is a really nice person and I do admit that it is hard to work with me. Anyone watched battlestar galactica ? As the leader or head of spacefed sometimes I am needed to make hard decisions to ensure the survival of spacefed. Some decisions are so hard that I would rather not make them, and this decision on suspending the server links with Skotos is one of them, as I have mentioned that I do think Shannon is a nice person. I still do look forward to working with Shannon or to help her out in anyway that I can. I also believe that Shannon is someone who have a strong passion for Role Playing and Games, and would like to dedicate as much of her time and efforts as possible into that.

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