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  1 Million Members (total)  

Congrats ! We have 1,000,000 members !


This is indeed great news for everyone, we have broke over the 1 million total registered members mark. The total registered members includes Unification Wars, Galactic Conquest, Ancient Worlds and 3700AD.

To celebrate this event, we shall be giving out some freebies:

+25 Regalo Artifact
+20% land size to all colonies above 1500 land size

Enjoy :)

Few words from Stephen

Since everyone got a ton of freebies, I hope you will read this runting and grunting , when you have the time (like while waiting for turns). Today is the 1333th day that spacefed (old name for gamestotal.com) has been running. I never did thought much about it, about how long I would be doing this nor that I can envision where we would be today 1333 days ago. I am always too busy fixing stuff and putting up request by players to think about that o_0

Ah, how time has passed eh ? Before I started spacefed I was still a young fella, and my age was still 2x, now after I have started spacefed, my age has moved on to 3x ... an extra digit ! It got me thinking of what I am doing with my life, where I want to go, what I really want in life and all that (yeah when you get an extra digit you start thinking). To tell you the truth, it has been the greatest pleasure to be working on this game for everyone`s enjoyment, to watch it grow. I have no regrets of doing this and to be in this field. I have personally seen many of my office collegues who have previous moved on to software houses because that is where the money is. I can see that they are financially well off. This guy has asked me if i wanted to join him to write ERP, accounts and other corporate software for a living. He ended up with his own company, setting up offices in KL (Malaysia), Singapore and South Korea. I am sure that the first thing that pops up on my other office collegues (not that they mention it in front of me) is that do i regret not going into that field ?

I was previously working on corporate software projects and was in the process of starting up a subsidiary for my company back in year 2001 for my boss (the company i was working in). Sadly due to certain disagreement, well most like certain actions was not taken by the company`s board of directors resulting in the inability of the new company to be started properly, man i hate red tape and big companies. my college was there with me, he left about 1-2 months before i did to start up his own software firm. anyhow that is how it all started.

after that i couldnt get a proper job for years, even until today. the dot-com burst does contribute a lot to it, seeing a great reduction in it expendature therefore less hiring of it staff. this collegue of mine did went through a lot of hard times, as it was really bad during those days. i guess if
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99+ day(s) ago
so how many members does spacefed imean gamestotal.com have now stephen i am think close to 2 mill or more
99+ day(s) ago
Nowhere near 250k pay Pern, I million members does not mean 1 million active members, and it certainly does not mean that a fourth pay...
There is probably 250k active members between both games, if that, and out of them, maybe a tenth pay... Then you look at that total, and the overhead involved, and the money stephen needs to support the game on the interenet, advertisement, staff, servers upkeep, IP costs, and not to mention putting food on his table, there is not really a ton of profit involved...
99+ day(s) ago
out of 1 mil members how many pay? 250 thou x 5...is..still over one mil per month

oohh 25k.x5?? always begging is sadd and sounds like a conartist
99+ day(s) ago
looks like this was cleaned out too. well stephen needs to fix that

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