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  Wrongful info in Forum  

The have been false rumors spreading in Forum recently ...


Do not flame, if you can not do that please close this window.

What happened

One of the admin have leaked wrongful info onto the GC forum, causing a major misunderstanding and `rioting` of players

Behind the scenes

Normally I`ll consult the admins n other vet players (older players) in all aspect regarding updates or changes to the gc game that effects the balancing of the game prior to doing them, with the exception of backend processing stuff (like removing junk, maintenance, etc). Before we continue let me first explain the change process:

1. Players in GC suggest something
2. Suggestion is written down, compiled depending on the number of players suggested the thing and the difficulty implementing the suggestion
3. Stephen will discuss any player suggestions with other admins & vets
4. If everyone is ok with it, we post this up to see the comments of players
5. Finally we put up a test/trial
6. If there is no problems then it stays up, otherwise it will be removed

I would like to high light also that all of this is suggestion from players, and that this is `pending approval`, which means a great number of this wont even make it to the test/trial stage. And a great number will be removed after the test/trial stage (recently removed UC artifact market).

Now on with the story, I was discussing with a couple of people about a couple of issues brought up by other players in the past which includes:
1. Change of battle to 1.03
2. Removal of x class systems
3. GC to have its own server (current sharing the same server as UC)

This is currently in stage #3, and what i can see is the change of battle to 1.03 will most likely not make it to even stage #4. Once we gone through stage #3 we will post it here in stage #4, then you have the right to vote `for` or `against`.

As a reminder spreading of unrest and lies will not be tolerated, therefore a rumor is a rumor and it is not an official announcement. I personally understand that sometimes players debate however please refrain from being offensive or vulgar

Notes from Stephen

Before anyone want to start flaming here, please read this. Original thread was removed due to excessive flaming.

1. Notice this new forum & help center ? Plus this issue started before i was trying to innitiate talks with some Admins on possible gc update, so say Stephen dont care about GC or GC not getting any update for years
2. Many flame me for saying some Admins lied, did I even mention their names here in this post above ?
3. The blackmarket idea was came up from discussion of Stephen with some Admins
4. I`ve personally went th
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99+ day(s) ago
when can we expect the following update ??
99+ day(s) ago
ansem you have to open and reopen the battle sim continuosly *cant spell that XD* this is more convenient
99+ day(s) ago
The battle sim is something like that
99+ day(s) ago
pandy thats a good suggestion, but my point exactly you can`t say you`re planning on gc when it seems like you`re spending 1% on gc and 99% on uc, they got all this good stuff and you say it taken 2 years to make all this when on uc they got 1000x more in 2 years

though thats a good idea pandy...enough to stop complaining for aobut 1month or so XD
99+ day(s) ago
You know what would be a good update, if you guys could build from the manage fleet screen, and see the pr percentage balance. I think fast and fastest build is something that would be a problem on GC, but being able to see your pr add up ebfore you build it without having to use some sort of calculator program would certainly be useful.

The one on UC and any there will know what i mean, even shows how many turns will be required to build a proposed fleet (proposed here being what fleet you put into the table right before you click on build)

This may also over simplify things for a few players tastes but might be a step to having more people build a balanced fleet as well.

On UC i like fiddling around with theb uild until i get all 6 stacks there at about 19-20%% of total PR, just a idea, and thought that something needs to be done to bump this post to get stephen to update something.
99+ day(s) ago
the turns update is what uc has right now -_- 30turns have been on uc for ages..like 5min job, if you take all em 5 min jobs i think they add up to a day and a bit
99+ day(s) ago
I think Stephen is doing a good job, look at the turns update that affected and helped everyone,, and the market thing well its kind of a pain now but it made people actualy post minerals regularly,, and as far as the "lack of updates drowning a game out and makeing players leave" i dont agree ,,i have made simple text based games and it is what it is,,if this game had moving graphics and such or showed youre ships killing the other fleet then it would be right up thier with most of the new games.. change is never accepted easly..i for one started a fed and some empire decided his plan for the day was to kill it,,fine,,its all apart of the game ,,, and its better than when i joined a year ago...so unless you can write code and submit fixs and updates then you dont realy know what it takes to edit a large game now do you!
99+ day(s) ago

there is proof you dont need 2 years to decide upon an update ---_---
99+ day(s) ago
yea, saying updates take lots haha, look at uc, the time it took you to think of one gc update you have made 10000000 uc changes where you`re balancing ships which is not happenening here, and why is it uc has more players but they`re not lagging when an update comes :P

*thinks stephen stopped reading about now*
99+ day(s) ago
Well heres something for those of u who says stephens hands ar full.
Ya he has a life and updating takes a lot of work fine. But heres something more. for the past 2 years or so updates for gc have been discussed and promised and nothing happened. Meanwhile UC is getting updated on almost a regular basis

Dont you think stephens time and work on uc during that time could have been time and work for an update on gc?
99+ day(s) ago
man.. the last change was.. the anabolik thing?

Stephen 90% of the old vets frm 2003 has said over and over again to nerf the upkeeps of the virals

I remember you promised us an update last year in august, and the only thing you changed was that anabolik thing

As in your fixing stuff that isnt spoiled in the first place lol

By taking away anaboliking, the "spying" part of the game got busted =/

I remember taking part in anaboliking HoneyBucket`s fed(just example)

And no it isnt easy lol, i believe its part of the game and hell its alot fun

btw if ur gonna tell me that anabolik thing is in trial...

I believe its time for the trial to end, its been already in "trial" for 1 year 4-5 months?

And people does see whats going on steph =/

even if an admin leaked wrong infos if you did take care of the server i believe noone would believe that admin lol

there is a reason we protested
99+ day(s) ago
he cares about that he wants new players brainwashed into thinking he actually udpates thats it

who cares people, this is just another one of those things keeping us thinking about something and not leaving, this is the same as before when he promised updates 2 years ago, forget about this post ...its history, learn from the past, the boy who cried wolf too many times, just go back to feeling disgruntled and get your hopes down like the rest of us
99+ day(s) ago
before you complain about Stephen not caring about your posts, here`s something- if he blocks them, he reads them first. Do you think he would read them if he didnt care?
99+ day(s) ago
Stephen: I can`t believe half of players, admins and guides are lying and spreading falls information. I think you need to find the problem elsewhere. I feel it is quite childish to remove an entire topic and then go sensuring the other one (this one) like a madman. I think gc is a real nice game and updates should be the finishing touch rather than making the game completly different.
99+ day(s) ago
*Removed due to shouting

Edited by Stephen on 2006-12-25
99+ day(s) ago
Dear Stephen not to flame but if something is not done some then all you and your team worked for in this game will be lost forever. There are other gaming companies out there that offer many of the things you do for free. Then Disney has a new game involving Pirates of course that is the same type game is this one which is interesting but my point is if you don`t update GC with a good update everyone will leave and you will have nothing here but empty space a grave more or less. I suggest that the ships be update with the list that belial has right away if it is able to be put in and go from there. I am sure if you put more work into it this game can beat the all the other games but you got to put your mind to it and work at it. These are real people listen to them on what to make the game better and see what works and put it in. Right now several are planing on leaving including myself which i love the game but no updates means people leave to player better games that have updates. I hope you can do your best and do what is right and make the game a place for future players. I am a federation leader and i already see the lack of new people in the game its hard to keep a federation going due to lack of new accounts. Please stephen help GC and Help us keep it alive. This is all i ask. I hope you do the right thing. Have a happy christmas Stephen i will be looking forward to my present of regalos :) .
99+ day(s) ago
*Remove due to flame

Edited by Stephen on 2006-12-25
99+ day(s) ago
Uve got a point. lol
I remember all that 2. except the Dogs and avalon. When i came back in 05. Apollo and Thunderdogs was all i reconized left. so i joined em.
99+ day(s) ago
I played gc about 2-3 years ago, before uc came out. my account was called "lukans" GC was very active back then .. I remmber the main players were, Area51, CloudCity, larrdog,... I remember the most powerful feds were Knights of Avalon, and the Thunderdogs and Underdogs. I also remmebr quitting after 50 cent activated a UW that kiled my money and minearls and stuff. But the game was realy good. I now play UC and ive noitced that plaeyers on gc now rant and rave about gc being abandoned which is the truth in someways. But it costs alot of money to run both games, with uc paying alot of the way.... Unless gc can rise back to its promininent status that it once had, it will remain in the position it is now...

GC is a great game, and could be even better with more updates, but updates take alot of thought and effort... I suggest that their be a team of admins specifically assinged to working on and adding updates to both games. Stephen cant be on both games that much, so it might be a good idea if he could pick out some plp he trusted and have them deal specifically with updates... They could maybee add minor updats ( like stuff to do with feds and market) without his permission, but all the major updates would have to be run by him.

Both games need more admins to funciton better, and thers not enough of them... We need more of them.. The more admins we have, the more progress the game will see...

Bottom line is: Stephen needs more help.... He needs more of a staff.. I would suggest a volunteer staff devoted to the game that he trusts. At least taht way he wont have to pay them , so more money wil be invested in the game, and much better progress would happen in both games.....
99+ day(s) ago
And if we dont pick on stephen. He will abbandon the game because noones reminding him consistantly to update it and he`ll forget all about gc.