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  Gc to get its own server  

server restarts on 2007-05-03 at 2.00 PM


Server reorganization went slower than expected mainly because Malaysia internet was facing problems. Reorganization started at 2.05 pm and finished at 2.10 pm, except for Gc in which we are somehow required to restart the server 4 times (something to do with Microsoft updates)



We will be performing server restarts on 2007-05-03 at 2.00 PM on all our machines, mainly to do maintenance (yeah Microsoft security updates). We are estimating about 5-10 minutes of server outage ... also ...

o We will move Uc1 to a bigger spare machine
o Gc will get its own server, seperating it from Uc

Reorganizing Uc servers

We will be moving Uc1 to a bigger space machine, and moving the default server used by players (when they enter Gamestotal.com) to Uc1 instead of Uc2. This reorganization will effect Uc1 and Uc2 therefore if any players is facing difficulty logging in, please use uc.gamestotal.com or uc3.gamestotal.com

Gc and its own server

Gc will be moved to its own server, seperating it from Uc. Gc previously is running on the same machine as Uc.gamestotal.com therefore in theory this should improve the stability and slight speed improvement of Gc game.

Edited by Stephen on 2007-05-02

Edited by Stephen on 2007-05-03
99+ day(s) ago
I want to say thank you stephen, for buying a new server... it means alot =)
and that you`ve created a great game =)
99+ day(s) ago
meh, UC is still on our chat :(
99+ day(s) ago
Server maintenance over. Casualties: 2 gremlins.

99+ day(s) ago
meh, I See we need a refresher in GC history.

I wish I had access to the old forum :(

/me wants a GC only chat, and the costs of new players lost is offset by the benefits of not having to turn off my chat window.

Bring on a GC only chat and I think this game will see a renewed interest and a new sense of community.
99+ day(s) ago
thats not true Blad.
The chats were seperate for a short time, until the staff complained about having to police 2 seperate chats.
now that there are UC exclusive GMA`s that problem is gone.. so we there is less excuse for not having seperate chats.
99+ day(s) ago
First of all the chats have always been linked... at least as long as I`ve been playing (3+ years)... back then there were all GC players and no UC players on chat. Then when UC was updated to the game you know today, it became the most popular game.

Secondly, Separating the chats will be hurt both games as there will be fewer people chatting, and there will be no cross recruiting from one game to the other. But the separation will hurt GC most of all since there aren`t always a lot of GC players on the chat so it would be kind of full in a GC only chat.

I do agree however that it is very confusing to have people talking about the different games, especially for new players, but for staff also. People see me in the chat and then ask me UC questions to which I do not know the answer. Some of the most basic aspects of both games are slightly different which causes more confusion.

My suggestion for the chat issue is for UC players messages to appear in a different color than GC players in the main chat window on the main pages of the games. This way it will be easy to spot players from a different game.
99+ day(s) ago
This is a good move for GC in my opinon. Danicalifornia has an extreme habit of ranting about how UC sucks from time to time. (Darckknight as well) This ticks off UC`ers and doesnt want to make them try out GC. So it be better if they didnt get ticked off by certain people and tryed the game out actually.

( I dont know about you but im sick of having no targets below 500k)
99+ day(s) ago
awsome. :)
99+ day(s) ago
I`ll miss the UC chat, though... I think UC truly dominates that chat because if you`re out of DP in GC and you don`t want to get hit, you DO NOT post on the chat, because there is always a lurker waiting for someone to announce that they`re open. Without UC, GC will probably end up as a less social place.

Probably won`t affect the actual game, though.
99+ day(s) ago
Finally something nice i see.
99+ day(s) ago
Way to go ^_^
99+ day(s) ago
New GC players are often confused and ask how to get a vassal or how to pay or get tribute, or ask for money...
Or what system is best...
what is an outpost....
it gets quite annoying...
more so than if I were to continue listing the examples instead of simply typing "etc." instead.
However, some UC`ers have played GC extensively and can answer questions abuot GC when GC`ers are not around (a GC only chat will eliminate the need for these people).
Some people play both games but use the UC to chat with...
We do occasionally recruit a few people from UC over to GC because they are frustrated with UC and want to try something else. Basically, we keep them and possibly their money at spacefed. It`s a thankless job.
Make your cases for chat.
99+ day(s) ago
I don`t think we are getting the sep. chat. If we did we would lose the chance of recruiting but i think it would be good for the game. We would actually have some gc disscusion instead of just ucers rambling. 95% of the time i have chat disabled because there is not point posting to gc people when your message only lasts for 5 seconds being pushed down with unrelated uc crab.
99+ day(s) ago
I think a seperate chat would be a really good idea, then at least people will be talking about the same game when they chat on the chat. i have to admit it sometimes confuses me.
99+ day(s) ago
WEll there was sperate chats obvioulsy, (cause Only GC was around) before UC was created, but im pretty sure thats not waht your asking
99+ day(s) ago
Did we ever have separate chats? We also may lose an easy recruiting channel if we don`t share chats with the other games.
99+ day(s) ago
`Gc to get its own server

server restarts on 2007-05-03 at 2.00 PM `

Does this mean the servers on GC will restart, or just about bootinbg the new servers???

I hope the game gets reset/restarted in the process...
99+ day(s) ago
WTG stephen
99+ day(s) ago
hmmm, well there`s something atleast
99+ day(s) ago
separate the chat please