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Phishing season is nigh the lures come in droves,
spam piled neck-high can`t get through without a shove.
A warning to give and a warning to share,
a warning to all lest your Christmas be bare!

This poem be familiar, `tis one I wrote long,
Of seasons past and of things that belong,
Again I repeat the ryhme that sounds silly,
Better that than losing all willy-nilly.


Yet another reminder to keep your passwords safe,
To never give out, to guard against haste.
Holiday`s cheers, time to unwind & relax,
It`s easy to forget, to grow careless and lax.

It`s end-of-year time, gathering `round to make a wish,
But beware you must, of those who doth phish.
Though past Halloween, masquerades they still play,
Heed not their words, for untruths they do say!

Banks and PayPal, credit cards and games too,
Pretending to be Admins, police or Jimmy Choo.
One must always be careful, lest they steal your life`s blood,
End result is unpleasant, resorting to swear words.

Never will we ask, never will we need,
And those who do ask, report them indeed!
These false men, these liars, these cheats,
Won`t be tolerated, no. We`ll bring down the heat!

If your password be stolen, quick! Change it today,
Not January, nor February. Nor March, April, nor May.
Wait not too long, lest all be gone & lost,
We tried to warn you, don`t give us this frost.

This rhyme ends here, I can go on no more,
Rhyming words this many, makes my head oh-so-sore.
In conclusion, I send my message down the hall:
Happy holidays, and a good season to all!


The rhyme unabridge, the meaning intact,
A lesson to learn, for a matter of fact,
Privacy is, your lips kept zipped tight,
A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Edited by GameAdmin on 2007-12-21
99+ day(s) ago
get a life its galactic conquest not poetry day ( lets put our thinking hats on and stick to the game ! ) suggestion stick to the game and just say keep password safe there !
99+ day(s) ago
Kind of like Dr. Seuss. And the message can`t be repeated enough.
99+ day(s) ago

Edited by GameAdmin on 2008-01-03
99+ day(s) ago
i love the poem, it`s great =)
99+ day(s) ago
*Sol sniffs*

That was beautiful GA
99+ day(s) ago
it`s so emotional XD *sniff, sniff* :P
You shoud thinking about wrinting a poem book! ;)
99+ day(s) ago
Get a life, or write a poem-bundel:p
99+ day(s) ago
A true work of art
99+ day(s) ago
You sir win TWO internets.
99+ day(s) ago
Brought a tear to `me eye. Beautiful. *sniff*
99+ day(s) ago
99+ day(s) ago
My god..they must pay you a lot to sit there and write stuff like this...haha.

GJ though =D
99+ day(s) ago
love the poem =p!!

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