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Guides & Useful Information

If your slavemaster has gone into Vacation Mode, PM chessRPGrulerKoA on GC/RT with Server, your empire ID, and your enslaver`s ID.

SD`s Shiplist Project

Stacking Help Guide
Made by Acheron

GC Ship List/ Manual
I felt like this needed to be added because you would be absolutely amazed at how many people simply do not take a look at the ship list. A brief look at it will help you grasp so many concepts of battle such as ship strengths, weaknesses, and abilities to name a few.

Exule`s GC Game Guide
All purpose guide to basically everything. The download version of this can be found on Sol`s site which is listed above.

Firefox Client Fix

GC Battle Sim`s

GreenYedi Battle Sim
Made By GreenYedi_KoA

GC Fan-sites

Pandy`s Site

Sol`s Gc Site

Spacefed Community

Artifact Formulas

Anfit`s Mods

Anfit`s Mods Page
Useful Mods for GC. Work in Firefox (with Greasemonkey add-on) or Google Chrome:
- latest version,
- source code,
- issue tracker (report errors here).

Please do not post on this thread it is intended as a resource only!

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Can someone help me, tried to purchase a subscription, site would not work...thks lynnde
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