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  Race Stats and Things  

Before you look here check out these other related threads, this thread is merely a comparison thread for these 6 other threads.


First off i`d like to thank Moops. He will be hosting both Excels for you on his website ProbablyRobots.com,

Having trouble sleeping? Significant Other unattractive? Got an urge to Sashay? Someone Stole your cookies? Then it`s Probably Robots.

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For Both my Excel Sheets

I would also like to thank Badwolf, who Helped me order the info in this thread.

Well on to the show

Ordered from Best to worse Pretty much these first econ cats. are based what your money gets you, so how much pr your money gets you how many turns in the positive you get before going negative, how much hull your money buys ect..also i see the "that pr That Pr....simply Ignore a that pr, i`m lazy.

The stats below are derived from the stats above, basically each race was tallied up by how many times it appeared in what rank position. the formula was points calculated as ((x*1)+(x*2)+(x*3)+(x*4)+(x*5)+(x*6)) then /34 for Ranking.

The Stats below were collected by Badwolf, they show how many of each race there are on all servers ranked above 100k pr.

Sorry for the Wall of numbers and stats but it is what it is.

So do you think each race warrants the stats it has ?

Edited by BadWolf on 2017-11-28
99+ day(s) ago
cg terran makes about 40% of what a agri terran makes with food @ 10, but cgs always sell @ 4
99+ day(s) ago
i provided stats for Cg terran so you tell me
99+ day(s) ago
Question: with the recent changes to CG stats for terran, is CG terran a viable option now?
99+ day(s) ago
i`d also like to say viral could afford a bit lower upkeep/higher income for their average upkeep cost...but at the same time, virals do have the choice to NOT have those high upkeep ships..
99+ day(s) ago

cut the best case scenario food price roughly in half (make it 10 which is more typical in the long run) and the miner income completely dominates the rest. granted they arent the best for turn rates (but certainly not the worst)...and given their average pr ratio`s are pretty comparable..their income is just too frickin high.
99+ day(s) ago
has anyone done and stats on the number of mentally unbalanced players in this game ?
If you have it`s okay but since i think i will be staying around you will hafta adjust your numbers by one
99+ day(s) ago
Commercial Viral sucks big time. They make nearly the same as a Guardian with some loyalty yet a viral has 6 times the upkeep. lol
99+ day(s) ago
this was probably made by robots
99+ day(s) ago
Impressive. A short answer to the question posed at the end: Yes.

(Additional Notes: I`m vaguely shocked that I`m the only established Viral waiting things out on GC/Normal. Then again, not really. A Market utterly devoid of reasonably priced food stocks, for months upon months without end, for the lose....)
99+ day(s) ago
this is great, but it needs more cowbell
99+ day(s) ago
Yeah the Maru listing in that category is in the wrong slot the number is correct though is should be between terran and viral,

I listed Turns from highest to lowest because thats how many turns you get to use building before you go negative, since each race is building to a different pr and typically those with the lower turns listed aren`t going nearly as high as the other. So as i said your money buys you more turns in the positive on avg before you go negative.

the econs listed here are a sampling, you should really take a look at all the econs on the other pages, or download the excel and look there.... the first econ group is the absolute best that race has with what i listed. the second catagory i listed the the most popular alternative econ i could think of so for a miner it turned out to be a tax miner, for viral a comm viral, which seems to be the worse path that gets chose out there, and for things like collective guard and maru which really only have one econ path i listed a more realistic out come instead of the "perfect storm" so tha`ts why i picked guards with 1k loyalty since all guards can get 1k loyalty through mission pretty easily,

and no the Highest econ for Miner was a Mineral miner i do believe it says so beside it. the other figures beside the econ are figures beside it with the +sup, means Supplemental Econ basically meaning while all the miners infra lvls are in mining it can still gain supplemental econ from putting all the land on the clusters into either housing or industry, which are what the plus values are.

as for any other numbers check out the excels alot of them are there i just included a few here which are basically a sampling of the other threads to l linked in this thread. but if you can think of some ratio`s i left out feel free to mention them.

Omeg, mate i don`t think i understand what your asking, if you want drop me a pm and i`ll answer here or there, or both
99+ day(s) ago
Well, that was certainly impressive, it`ll take me awhile to let all the numbers sink in. Thanks for all of your effort, EE and everyone else involved.

Okay I`ve looked at it for about an hour, and noticed some things... :P

`Racial stats, Offensive Ships only.`
Marauder is either inputted incorrectly, or is in the wrong spot

Also, I`d probably reverse the ranking on the `Avg Turns to get to that Pr`, I`d probably put the quickest as first, not last

Under `Highest Econ for race` I`m guessing the a-miner income is based on food @ 5?

Under `Other Popular Econ for race.` You have a-miner with an ideal situation food/CG wise, but a terrible one for guards, (no CGs) and food only @ 5 for marauder and collective. I would make either both tax races have CGs, or both not have them, not make one have it and the other not. Food should be averaged out at, oh, say 10, so that it`s a little more fair to the agri empires too. Makes the a-miner income drop, and the coll and maru incomes go up to something I`d say is a little more realistic.

Other than that, well done good sir, well done! *applauds* Of course now I`m curious about a few other numbers I don`t see there :P
99+ day(s) ago
No exploration means no casual playing...you really can`t decide you won`t log on and just let someone take 3 from you, that`s how you die.
99+ day(s) ago
Nice job :)
Nice to have Proof TERRAN is basically the best all around race
99+ day(s) ago
2 questions, mainly about the economical part
1. Is that suggestion they are using their special clusters or same land for the econ or just by having a maxed infra?
2. In tangent with 1, that would if you were to say all races only had 100k land, would that affect their overall ship total upkeep?

I am going to digest the rest, but since this is near the end of a dying game, I think something like this a few years ago, would have been different honestly numbers wise. More viral/collectives/marauders/guardians and less terrans/aminers.

Overall, I am not suprised and thanks for the behindysis.
99+ day(s) ago

1) it`s been known for a long time that colls/marus are powerful. They arne`t played though, because they are generally acknowledged to be much harder races to play.
99+ day(s) ago
on a serious note, it looks like marus and collectives are very powerful according to the "max pr in the positive for that econ" plus "weapons at that pr that pr" plus "hull at that pr that pr."

so why don`t more people choose to play such a powerful race?
99+ day(s) ago
after i saw all the stats, 1st of all, i would like to say, well done & good job!
99+ day(s) ago
WOW - Impressive
gonna take some time to digest this !!
Nice work :P
99+ day(s) ago