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  Anfits disabled in Chrome  

I have several times installed anfits mod in crome and it has worked for some time (hours/days/several weeks) but every time at some point I get a message from Chrome saying that it has disabled the mod because it is not from the Chrome webshop to "protect me" and I cant find a way to enable it.

I though it was only Apple who tried to control their products like that!

Anyway, does anyone know how to get around that problem and make Anfits work? I would rather use Chrome than Firefow because FF is so incredibly slow.
99+ day(s) ago
I forgot about anfits mods I could never get them to work and all I ever used was anfits when it stopped working I quit for a good wile and when I came back I learned to play without it I still miss it tho and wish it worked
99+ day(s) ago
Wow, I don`t don`t it`s available in Chrome store. We should add this to the anfits thread.

Did anyone try using anfits on the latest firefox? Did all features work?
99+ day(s) ago
Anfits is available in the chrome store now.
99+ day(s) ago
Thanks, I reinstalled Anfits with develepor mode on... lets see when it starts bugging me again then :-)
99+ day(s) ago
Enable developer mode. Hit the menu icon (little icon with 3 horizontal lines) --> Tools (or "More Tools") --> Extensions. Then check the box in the upper right hand corner that says "Developer Mode." It will still bother you about disabling it every once in a while but you can ignore it.

I find it works best in Chrome Canary. You can use jjf28`s instructions (here: http://gc.gamestotal.com/hef.cfm?&5145&f=hef_detail&hi=12090&ch=100&nx=148851) to install it on Tampermonkey, which also works. However, with the most recent Canary I use it without that. I can post full instructions in the morning if this doesn`t clarify, but it`s very late here and I need to sleep :)

I have also (very extremely slowly) been working on an update to Anfits. I have a few tweaks on my own version but have not given it to anyone. Mostly I just disabled things that I didn`t think were useful.

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