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There used to be a whole lot of Fan Fic`s on the Community Site and probably are still just no working links to them. For those who want to see some other fan fics i`ll post a few links to ones i can find still up, if you know of any pm me the link on RT and i will add them to the list here. or if you happen to write one up send me the links.

Also report any broken links to me via pm please.

Warmonger`s Forgotten Speices.

A Link to Exules Corner with Chapters of his FanFic.

Aragovidals Letter 1-4 by negativezero

Other Interesting Gamestotal Reads

History of Terra Nova

Timeline of GC

KoA website, Click Avalon`s History

GC interviews, Click Interviews on the left side bar then see All

Edited by EphemeralEternity on 2013-07-27
99+ day(s) ago
The letters and history aren`t broken but they are shut down
99+ day(s) ago
Holy heII...

I had a bunch of stuff saved to one of my Hard Drives. I`ve gotta go digging around at my ma`s house now for that, seeing as how it`s a GC time-vault at this point. lol.
99+ day(s) ago
I blame Pandy, that is all, and I feel old
99+ day(s) ago
Mines is not ancient.. ^^ Aragovidal`s Letters has episode 3 published now.
99+ day(s) ago
interesting :p
99+ day(s) ago
good god!
Most of this is ancient ^_^

Nice to see it`s still up.

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