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  Rolling Minor Updates  

Someone closed my original thread, so here is my Patreon again. Patreon

Want to show your support for the updates, or for the work I do in general? Donate Here! There`s also my paypal at BadWolfGC@gmail.com

Update Logs
Full logs of changes, going back to the first recent ones can be found in:- Update & Changes Log

December 10 2018

Market Fixes

Food Minimum
I forgot to log that Minimum posting price for food was raised from 2 to 4.

Sorry for any confusion. ~ BW

December 05 2018


Paids for all!
Global Paids for all servers is now active, and will remain active as long as we`re at our goal. Thanks everyone!

Global Paids -
As we have reached the milestone, Global Paids have been activated. All empires in the game will receive a Paid status as long as the milestone remainds reached.

Empires who wish to not participate and have their status removed back to Free, please contact the admins.

For those who previously had Paid status, be advised that these days will carry over even while the Global Paids are in effect.

This means that if next month the milestone is not reached, your paid status will remain in effect while utilizing the time you got for your donation.

For this reason be advised that existing Paids will not be refunded for the reason of utilizing the Global Paids. This is in conjunction with the fact that donations are not subject to refund.

Thank you,

Edited by Amadea on 2018-12-11
3day(s) ago
Nah, I play to fight, so makes more sense to make money from being successful fighting. If I`m not successful, I`ll go broke/die. All or nothing.
3day(s) ago
Could just play agri collective, they make amazing money
4day(s) ago
Ignore my last post. I`m just wanting the universe having just been handed the world. Never satisfied. Selfish Assassin. *shakes head at himself.
4day(s) ago
Can Collective tax penalty be quickly altered as well to reflect the 40% loss in margin on food prices? At least to make it so money can be made buying food at 8 rather than just 7 and below? Pretty pretty please?
4day(s) ago
it`s pretty easy with other races to do alot of damage to uw`s also...guard is definately the best, but they lack the ability to effectively hoard large numbers of planets and deal with high base pr. it takes a long time to setup a guard right. hate to see all this work go down the drain lol
5day(s) ago
2000 turns would not be enough to make a huge difference when fighting a UW on slow (assuming one were to store all 20 unique artis as BTC).
6day(s) ago
Can you fix the income info on the new player help link. All I see is broken pics.
7day(s) ago
There was a small error in my original logs for battle changes, the threshold for 1 colony win vs players is 30% not 20%.

This has been amended in the big thread. ~ BW
8day(s) ago
Good for cap when I was a miner empires kept artifacting me to death cost me trillions great glade they wont be able to bully with artis anymore
8day(s) ago
@omeg the guard ship nerf hasn`t been fully put through yet. The gordo`d land empires nerf hasn`t been put through yet. Maybe the way things are right NOW a guard can kill a 800 million UW in 24 hours like that. After that update perhaps not
8day(s) ago
Oof. There goes 30+ days spent building on Slow...
8day(s) ago
Sounds like i`ll be quitting by new years.

Thanks for the info @EP
9day(s) ago
@EP - a guard even in the low pr ranks of 1-5 mil can take down a 800 mil PR UW within 24 hours. It is very possible even without artifacts. The primary reason guards need the land is income, either fix the land/income issue or fix the income/loyalty issue. Its been said multiple times by many people how it can be fixed.
9day(s) ago
A day.... ask.AM lol
9day(s) ago
how long will it take a guard to take down a 800 million UW with defenders and an artifact cap?

Did I say people didn`t want to rank fight? No. max PR UW will be impossible to stop due to artifact CAP now and if the person has a-lot of cash and minerals and is on most of the 48 hours to rebuild.

Gordo`d Guardians are getting nerfed shortly probably before new year or shortly after so they won`t be able to go up the ranks as easy.

So 48 hours for RT is to short now with the Max PR as is.
9day(s) ago
*wishes folks would quit whining over lil stuff* I digress...

Global paids are exactly what they seem. Global paid for everyone. Means no more of this pay per month nonsense. Everybody gets a paid acct. This is possible due to donations from those few that are able, though it would be nice if literally everyone can chip in like a buck at least or something.
9day(s) ago
what are global paids ???
9day(s) ago
4hour(s) ago i feel like the artifact cap is a lazy fix.

6:28 AM 05/12/18 GrumpyOldMan uses artifact on you: WalterWhite credit decreases by 3 % !

Hahaha, I can see why you feel that way. <3
9day(s) ago
The caps seem a little extreme to me, not sure what would be a fair balance, but only 20 for unique, my ability to hurt you with MDs or hists, and only 10 specials like my GDs? not exactly the game changer that they are now, more of a minor pain. Not sure if the same cap should apply across all servers either, maybe more for the TB servers? Also will the arti shields be modded to compensate for the reduced numbers that can be thrown?

Like the Market changes and storage, anything that lets me hoard more :D

I-Tech library, I like having the option there. I`ve had infra levels that are pretty much a waste for years, but do come in handy when going balanced if food becomes scarce. Not planning on changing it up, but if I ever feel the need to go full tax empire to rake in the credits, I`d like that option, even with a penalty in infra levels

I only recently became active once more, and am really happy to see these updates coming in to my beloved game, even if I end up not liking all of them, at least something is being done. Thanks to all who are working on this, you rock!

Now I have to go relearn everything that`s changed since the last time I wandered around this way. :P
9day(s) ago
i feel like the artifact cap is a lazy fix.

wanna balance the game, balance the xing artifacts, add/remove/re-do them.

Not saying some sorta cap isnt needed, but i think that is to much.

oh come on word filter, i know i activated you now.