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  Rolling Minor Updates  

Someone closed my original thread, so here is my Patreon again. Patreon

Want to show your support for the updates, or for the work I do in general? Donate Here! There`s also my paypal at BadWolfGC@gmail.com

Update Logs
Full logs of changes, going back to the first recent ones can be found in:- Update & Changes Log

Update 1-11-19
Well I guess it`s time to post this update - In the interest of keeping speculation down and everyone in the loop - Here`s what`s going on currently behind-the-scenes:

Most of you have already noticed that the payment system for Gamestotal has been down for the better part of a year now. This has been a concern to me in regards to the servers remaining up. I`ve been trying to mitigate this possibility with a backup, so far so good.

Part of the issue with the game (and updating/changing the game, doing anything really) is GC`s architecture is ancient. It`s running on tech from 2000, and bringing this a little more up to date has been a major focus over the last while. If you`ve read the Patreon, you know I am also working on redoing the entire code-base for the game. It`s insanely disorganized and lacking in conventions across its files - This is why simple updates can take more time than you would like, and there`s plenty of potential for bugs to pop up.
I am aware of the bugs with VM and leaving VM, as well as server refresh and and goods not withdrawing from the market over the old maximum`s. Hopefully should have those corrected soon.

With regards to concerns about QA with updates, It`s hard to test anything when your total player base is what you would normally like as just a testing base. Sometimes it`s easier to push an update, and if needed change things down the line based on more in-depth assessments. Sometimes issues don`t pop up right away until all of you are playing and using new features regularly.


January 07 2019

I-Tech fix

The last issues with I-Tech have been fixed, minor oversight due to the way older projects function.

December 10 2018

Market Fixes

Food Minimum
I forgot to log that Minimum posting price for food was raised from 2 to 4.

Sorry for any confusion. ~ BW

December 05 2018


Paids for all!
Global Paids for all servers is now active, and will remain active as long as we`re at our goal. Thanks everyone!

Global Paids -
As we have reached the milestone, Global Paids have been activated. All empires in the game will receive a Paid status as long as the milestone remainds reached.

Empires who wish to not participate and have their status removed back to Free, please contact the admins.

For those who previously had Paid status, be advised that these days will carry over even while the Global Paids are in effect.

This means that if next month the milestone is not reached, your paid status will remain in effect while utilizing the time you got for your donation.

For this reason be advised that existing Paids will not be refunded for the reason of utilizing the Global Paids. This is in conjunction with the fact that donations are not subject to refund.

Thank you,

Edited by Amadea on 2019-01-12
28day(s) ago
I love pay to win games
36day(s) ago
hate to ask this but can we ban baa again.... seriously being a duchebag, annoying the public, bypassing the filter and using bad boy language.

Seriously if you dont have anything nice to say, please try not to say anything at all.

okay ban might be to much but silence him for the next 30 days would be nice... give me less of a headache lmao.
36day(s) ago
sorry pay2win .... i mean ton sorry cant help myself can i
37day(s) ago
go yell at your mom to make you a sandwich and leave us alone
37day(s) ago
maybe english isn`t his first language. Anythings possible these days
37day(s) ago
Nobody cares baa, also *you`re
37day(s) ago
tut tut Asmo by passing filter im sure thats a rule break , bichin instead of b i t c h i n g, and your a guide?
38day(s) ago
38day(s) ago

Show me one ship that can beat old diamond that does worse against it after it`s buff
38day(s) ago
you can and probly will say it again Ender... if your going to fix something fix it dont 1/2 fix it

what ever lets keep pushing crab updates out that are make no sense
39day(s) ago
Baa, is been said a bunch but I guess it`s worth saying again. The reason diamond was op was because of how fast it could build. It`s per/PR stats weren`t and still aren`t an issue.
39day(s) ago
artifact cap lol....when you going to put a new end game then? now we cant burn turns digging?
also when will u fix the market return bug aswell?
when are u actually going to nerf G.Dia? instead of the buff you gave it ?

u didnt fix the I tech either ... its still broke ...

@ BW
40day(s) ago
Some minor updates pushed, I-Tech is fully working now, and fixed.
42day(s) ago
Agreed with Jammer about the artifact caps.
54day(s) ago
Still waiting for you to use your counter on me Jammer. If no one counters me, there`s no rush from coming out of DP. Live by the sword!!
55day(s) ago
For what it`s worth, my opinion on the artifact caps: Since digging and fighting are the only things to do in this game after capping infra and I don`t have time to focus on fighting. Since I`m maxed out in artifacts, I have no desire to play. I`m guessing others feel the same way, considering I`ve been sitting at my current power for 2 weeks without being bothered.
67day(s) ago
Nah, I play to fight, so makes more sense to make money from being successful fighting. If I`m not successful, I`ll go broke/die. All or nothing.
68day(s) ago
Could just play agri collective, they make amazing money
68day(s) ago
Ignore my last post. I`m just wanting the universe having just been handed the world. Never satisfied. Selfish Assassin. *shakes head at himself.
68day(s) ago
Can Collective tax penalty be quickly altered as well to reflect the 40% loss in margin on food prices? At least to make it so money can be made buying food at 8 rather than just 7 and below? Pretty pretty please?