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This page lists out the most popular federation websites by players.
 Federation DescriptionServerPopularity
The Chosen FewEst. 11/29/04 A hand picked group that IS the best of the best. Join us, fight us, or just get outta the way! Active and successful since 2004.Normal 1,058 
Binaural AllianceShoot`em up and then shoot`em up some moreFast 340 
*HeLL HuNTERS*blah blah blah etcRT 124 
RABIESFriendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. RT 122 
Bastard ClanOnce A Bastard, Always A Bastard. Established: Summer 2003.RT 109 
BlackStaffCause if they catch you in the backseat trying to pick her locks they`re gonna send you back to Mother in a cardboard box . You Better RUN!!!RT 82 
Executioners Of EdenThe Executioners of Eden. The most powerful fed on the fast server. None shall stand in our path and none shall weather our wake! New Applicants: PM Gronoria to be acceptedFast 67 
UTD Galactic Fed United we stand, Together we conquer, The dark abyss before us we tackle, We fight through the darkness, never resting, never sleeping, to seek the light, Galactic, Everlasting, to create a new world.RT 56 
The Realms GapNot accepting any member.RT 53 
The DestroyersNo Allies, No Quarter, No MercyRT 45 
M | ΚHere to Take Your Lunch Money Again! RT 31 
Brotherhood Of NODSlow 22 
M | K Maru | Kings (The Evil Empire) Here to Take Your Lunch Money - Shooting fish in a Barrel, 1.45:1 UW:Member Ratio. 2.04:1 Win/Loss ratio.Slow 21 
ArnwulfIf its Fast, its Black or White,Good or Bad, Us vs Them. There is no neutral! Home of the Knights of Chaos and Hackers.Fast 19 
Shady BusinessWabbit SeasonRT 19 
Vehement JudgmentGreat empires are not maintained by timidity - Gaius Cornelius Tacitus Allies: The DestroyersRT 17 
The Random Mob Est. 03/07/03 A randomly selected mob that are the shizzle of the dizzle. flee, run, you can`t hide! We are not full, but we are drunk!Normal 16 
Broken RadarWe cant fly in a straight line, this often leaves our enemies confused and disoriented, we have a terrible aim so huge cannons and bombs will be employed. Ultra 10 
Red ShieldSand ModeSlow

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