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How this works ?

1. You put up a link on your site
2. You get people to play the game
3. You get paid a commision for players who subscribe


Your site must have:-
1. Minimum 1,000 unique page views a day
2. No warez, porn, nudity, piracy, hacking, racist/hate/flame material
3. Own domain name (free hosting such as are not allowed)

How to apply

Send an email to with the following information:-
1. Signup an account in Galactic Conquest game
2. Your website URL, name, description target market
3. Email your account details (Empire ID, Empire Name, server) for us to activate your account


How much can I earn ?
You will earn a rate of 20% for all subscriptions from your referrals. Yes that means if a guy signup from you, you will earn $$$ even if the guy subscribes 1 month later.

How do i earn more ?
Your earnings may increase as time goes up a maximum of 40%. Criterias which may effect an increase in your earnings include:-
1. Quality of traffic (ratio of subscribers versus non-subscribers)
2. Amount of subscribers
3. Amount of fraud and refunds (if applicable)

How do I request for payment ?
Payment will be made in form of wire transfer or western union, within 2 months from point of sale. The cost of sending the money to you will be deducted from your earnings. You can request for payment by sending an email to with your banking details.

What happens if there is fraud/refunds ?
As a norm, your earnings for a particular member will be voided if the subscription encounters refund/fraud.
We will bare the retainer fee and transaction fee for all refunds and frauds.  

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