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What is it?
Enslaving an empire basically forces that empire to submit to you. When this happens the slave empire pays you tribute. The rate is 15% of their net per turn income. They will not pay you if they dont have a positive income. This tribute will then be transferred over to your tribute reserves. Before you can use these credits, you must first transfer this credits to your empire's treasury.

Why enslave another empire?
This allows empires to expand differently, rather than just getting more planets. However, nothing comes without a price. When you enslaved an empire you will have to send in reinforcements whenever another empire tries to enslave that empire. Note that when another empire enslaves your slave empire, you will lose tribute coming from particular slave empire. Reinforcements usually comes from your 3rd and 4th stack only. If you do not have any 3rd or 4th stack, then no reinforcements can be sent. Bear in mind that starbases and scouts can't be sent as reinforcements.

How to enslave another empire
To enslave an empire, simply change your attack type to `Enslave` in the attacking page. You will have to do a significant amount of damage prior to enslaving the empire.

What happens if I am not enslaved?
To encourage empires to be independent (or to fight for independence), all empires not enslaved will generate an additional 15% more income. This bonus does not apply if there is negative income.

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