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A Game That Will Conquer Your Heart

I have played Space Federation Galactic Conquest since August 2004, and it has definitely brought more fun one can imagine. It has never seized to bring excitement and is full of surprises. I started playing this game mainly because of my brother. I have learned to love this game as it covers a lot of aspects. It has an economy represented through a market, military through the ships you can use to battle, and states or places to be governed represented by planets. I have a lot of memorable experiences with it and I am going share just some of the many experiences I had.

One of the things I enjoy about this game are the friends I have garnered because of it. We frequently chat in MSN messenger. There is a sense of friendship being created. You get to have friends from all across the world. As I am in the Philippines, I get to chat with people from South East Asian Countries, U.S.A., Europe and many other places. A recent experience has just shown me how important friends are. During a UW attempt or Ultimate Weapon attempt (this is an attempt to conquer the galaxy and make people lose resources) by my friend, Xander_KoA, it was proven that teamwork and friendship was one of the reasons it succeeded. I am thankful for Space Federation Galactic Conquest for making these people seem beside me even if they are at a different country.

Another thing I would like to share about my experience in Space Federation Galactic Conquest is how it's been educational too. I have learned that there are different types of people. Some want to be good, some want to be evil. Some want to help, some want to destroy. This game has taught me that everything has a consequence; it has made me learn that I have to be more cautious and yet confident in my actions. This game has taught me to never surrender, yet to know my limits. It has taught me how to be patient and forgiving. I have learned more about how things run especially the law of supply and demand. I have learned how the market revolves and how corrupt some people could be when they are in control.

Last, but not the least, the Space Federation staff are great people. Some might dislike them, but overall I can say they have done a good job and deserve all the respect. They handle people who are spamming the chat or shouting in the chat. People who are cheating and exploiting bugs and are giving due punishment to these people. These guides and administrators have gone through a lot to try to make the game more attractive. Stephen, creator of the game, himself is handling cases, chatting with us, ordinary players. He is a humble guy who I was wrongly mad at before because of bugs. I have indeed learned that I was wrong to get mad at him and he indeed gave me some compensation after a long wait. He is a great guy who has a family to take care of and a game to handle.

In conclusion, there are some things about Space Federation Galactic Conquest I cannot share with you and only experiencing it will make you want to stay and get hooked to it. I have shared some of my experiences and I am sure that this game will capture your heart just as it did to me.

Trufferson Chunpeng
Spitfire (GC/RT)


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