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After playing for 1 year

I enjoy playing SpaceFed. I have been playing for over a year though my BlackSun account isn't but barely a month old. I'll get to that in a minute.

I found this wonderful and highly addictive game when I was searching for some arcade games that I could play on my PC. I saw a link on the search engine for a game with an MMOG. I also saw that it was sci-fi/ space combat turn based game. I thought "Hmm... Maybe I outta try this thing out" I signed up and was immediately satisfied that I had found a game to play.

It took some time to learn the basics and how to gain victory in an attack. It also gave me a crash course in resource management for the various planets and which planets were more useful. It had a chat room that gave me something to "do" when waiting for my turns to regenerate. The most fun thing about it now, I think, is that instead of one empire fighting a mob of computer AI's is that you get to interact with other players in more ways than simply attacking them for planets or, in some cases, for spite.

I had been at it for nine months (this was about 6 months ago) under the name of WhatIsTheMatrix. I was pretty good too. I had big planets, lots of cash, lots of minerals, all the ships, insanely huge turn based cash income, I even owned my own Federation. But, sadly, I had to give it up. I was moving and couldn't manage my empire due to the abrupt absence of a telephone jack.

I eventually forgot about the game until about six months later when seeing names on TV reminded me of SpaceFed ships. Examples: Angel = D. Angel Battleship for the Marauder race. I saw a Star Trek episode that featured the Borg which reminded me of the H. Galleon ship belonging to the Collective race. You get the idea.Anyway, I got back into the game and still don't have much time to play. I get on at night when I don't have school or work and try to bolster my defenses for my next absence. Many thanks to Stephen and his crazy (quite possibly insane) mind for conjouring up this addictive game. He deserves a lot of credit for his efforts and I can only say that I wish I could donate money but currently I am unable to do so.

Allen Lightsey
BlackSun (GT/RT)


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