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The New Final Frontier

Hello, I have been a player on Spacefed: Galactic Conquest for roughly 6 months now. During that time, I have gotten to know the game well enough to judge it, and how good it is. And on a scale of 1-10, I give it a 9.9. It is an incredible game, filled with strategy, skill, and sometimes, luck. Firstly, there are different server speeds related to how much you can play Spacefed. After selecting your server, and creating an account, you're good to go. Throughout the game, you goal is to become the best empire in the game, by building up your resources to attack and destroy other empires. There are many different races in the game, and all of them have their strong points, and their weak points. However, you have to find you "soul race", which is the race you function best as, before you will be able to truly conquer everyone else.

While playing Galactic Conquest, or GC, as the players call it, your race might have missions that it can perform to enhance your empire in different ways. They might help financially, or they might help give minerals, or some give you planets. The missions are one of the best points of the game, because they give you set goals you can use to make sure your empire is on the right track. The other major way to help your empire is by attacking other empires. If you win, you get up to three of your opponent's planets, in order to increase your planet count. Planets are where you build infrastructure, which will give you population, an income, food, and minerals all at once.

Probably the most exciting point of the game is when a player activates the ultimate weapon. The ultimate weapon takes numerous turns and millions of credits, or dollars. When activated, that player is open to attack from anyone at all, without battle restrictions. If the person's weapon is destroyed due to lack of power level or planets, then the crisis is over. If they have the weapon after 48 hours, then every player loses 90% of money, minerals, and other resources, and the server gets a "soft reset" So when a powerful player uses a UW, it becomes a race against the clock to try and stop the person, which becomes more exciting than anything else.

Finally, I have had wonderful experiences the past few months on Spacefed. I met, probably more people there in my short time playing, than I ever knew before hand. The people on Spacefed are extremely fun and helpful. They will help you to learn anything you don't know about the game, as long as you ask them first. Also, the guides and admins of the game work hard to keep Spacefed a fun and fair playing environment, as well as being kind and courteous at all times. I have learned so much from the vast variety of people that play Spacefed over the months, and I wouldn't give any of that up for anything. GC has become a part of my life, and without it, I wouldn't know what I was missing out on. So I strongly encourage all to at least try Spacefed for a while, and hopefully, you'll like it as much as I have.

Well, I hope that after you read this, you go up to your computer and go to and try out Spacefed. If you're lucky, you'll have as great a gaming experience as I have.

A.J. Runge
TheGorgonianEmpire (GC/RT)


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