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The Final Frontier

Since the dawn of time it has been mans desire to be the ultimate ruler of all he (or she) surveys, to conquer all and watch as the world bows before them. Now this possibility has been brought to us in the form of Space Federation - Galactic Conquest. The idea of the game? Simple, choose your race , make your fortune and discover the mysteries of the Ultimate Weapon, a weapon so powerful it will bring the galaxy to its knees before you. Of course the prize does not come easily and you must fight hard and use cunning if you are to succeed in your goal, wether you fight as human or alien each race has its own merits and hinderances making the game both challenging and repeatable. If you win with one race, you can start over again with another more challenging one.

Due to the creativeness of the games designer Stephen Yong, the game has a staying power usually unseen in internet text based games. And although when you start the game it can appear a little complex it is fairly easy to comprehend yet remains challenging and if you have difficulties there is a good online team of guides on hand to answer any questions you may have.

The game also has its own chat on which you can get to know the other players which has a friendly atmosphere suitable for all ages. The players themselves are also willing to help out those new to the game and often have excellent hints and tips on how to get on in the game. It also has the option to join federations teaming you together with other players and declaring war on others as you go along through the game producing a good competitive edge to the game and keeps it interesting, so interesting infact the game has an almost addictive quality. After all who wants to see they're empire crumble?

All in all this is an interesting, addictive game suitable for young and old alike offering a wide range of turn regeneration so you can opt to play in real time (for those with the longer lunch break) or in a slower pace making it easy to fit into your day what ever you do. But however you choose to play the game one thing is for sure you Will keep coming back to it time and time again.

Darkmisstress (GC/RT)


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