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I Think therefore I play

I am an older person by internet gamming standards, very old to be exact, and yet when I have some spare time I enjoy a computer based game as much as any pre-teen, teenager or young adult. My problem had always been finding an online game to play that never required a computer nasa would be proud to own or a game that required the dexterity of a ten year old who could click before he thought. Not to mention of course that I was also looking for a game that was not going to cost me an arm and a leg to play.

I have played a number of such games, however none had everything I was looking for in a game. They were either totally impersonal and lacking in player interaction or they were as basic as those I can make myself or they required a computer and credit card balance out of even my ballpark. I was looking for a thinking persons game which had an addiction factor a personal interaction factor and at the same time offered a variety of options. I was also looking for a game I could try for free and if I liked the game and wanted to continue it was not going to cost ne an arm and a leg to sign up.

I can hear most people now saying there is no such game available. In my opinion there is one such game and I have found it, its not by any of the top gaming companies or online net companies but comes out of Malaysia. The game is called Space Federation and it comes in two flavours Galactic conquest or Universal conquest and each of those have a variety of game server speeds to suit how often you can play over a given period. Anything from real time play to turn based(play once a week mode); a bonus for us older folk who have jobs to go to lawns to mow and real world lives to live.

For all intensive purposes Spacefed is what you would call a modern version of the old text based games where you use your brain and accumulated knowledge as oppossed to your ability to see and click quickly. There is an in game realtime chat that incorporates all the spacefed community and guides/moderators to make sure the chat is suitable for all age/race groups.

Without going into game specifics your objective is to research and build your empire in the hope of being the top empire in the game and server you choose to play on. This is of course based around a lot of mouse clicking but has its rewards in the battles you take on and win. You also have the opportunity of joining federations, or if your a paid player starting your own federation and going for galactic domination with your friends.

But how much does this cost I hear you ask?

Well it can be played indefinitely on any of the two games or their different speeds for free. You will get adds and pop ups, nothing is truly free in this world. Paid accounts, which I have used and still use, are for want of a better phrase as cheap as chips. Once you become a paid player the amount of turns you get, the speed they regenerate, the size of the planets you find and some other advantages open up. I must say I think there should be a greater distinction between paid players and non paid players however the advantages to paying to play are worth it none the less.

All in all I have found this game addictive and challenging to say the least; as a side bonus I have made a wide variety of friends from all four corners of the world that I would never have met if not for the game. In this game age is not a barrier nor is race or your dexterity.

I would reccomend this game to anyone who is prepared to put the time in and is not looking for a whiz bang 3d visual challenge but more a mental challenge with some human interaction via chatting.

belgerath (GC/RT)


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