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The Ultimate Weapon

There are countless numbers of games on the net. But what sets Space Federation: Galactic Conquest apart from all the other games is that there are millions of different scenarios you could face in the game. From being picked on by other alliances, to stealing planets from other players, to even setting off the KalZul Overmind Project, there is never a dull moment when you play Space Federation: Galactic Conquest.

The array of emotions that overwhelms you during the course of the game is just outstanding. Such as the joy of having found a planet with a very high amount of land. Or the sudden jolt in your stomach when you realize that you are out of border colonies, meaning that if you were to be attacked, and your defenses were to fail, you are going to lose some very precious planet of yours. Or the thrill of stealing a very valuable planet from your enemy. I personally like to see empires stronger than me try to break my defenses and fail. Doing so shows how well you are able to set up your fleet.

More recently, a group of us planned a try at setting off the KalZul Overmind Project (also known as the Ultimate Weapon, UW), which, if activated, would destroy the entire universe and is something really . We had to prevent the empire which was setting the project off from inflicting too critical an attack that the project was damaged. Think that sounds easy? Think again. The empire setting off the UW would be open to attacks from anyone on the server. Worse still, the ordeal would last 48 hours straight, with Damage Protection (the protection an empire gets when it has suffered a loss of a certain percentage of their fleet), usually lasting 24 hours, now only down to 1 hour in duration. This meant any empire, regardless of power rating, would be attacking the UW empire hoping to cause enough damage to destroy it. Now, that group of us had a duty: To prevent anybody from going up high enough to cause any serious damage. We formed a 15 empire wall that anyone who wanted to hit the UW empire had to pass before being able to cause sufficient damage. It is something to not see anyone being able to break through our defense. Every time someone's power rating went up, they would be kicked back down as soon as possible. With the aid of countless mugs of coffee, many of the group managed to keep awake on different shifts. The excellent teamwork and commitment of the alliance resulted in a successful activation of the KalZul Overmind Project, and we had added another name into the Hall Of Fame.

The intensity and excitement of Space Federation: Galactic Conquest should be tried out by any gamer around. Other contributing factors include friendly Guides and Admins, a friendly game environment, a high number of active players (at least 250 online at any one time) and you get to meet people from all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Sign up with Space Federation: Galactic Conquest today!

Excaptain (GC/RT)


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