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Demon death, blood red tears
the silent scream that names their fears.

The HellHunters come and the stars eclipse

Propelled by the words from the federations lips.

For borders, for missions, they gather them all.
they devour all races and federations fall.

They takeover worlds and the people rejoice
and praise their dark fed in a loving voice.


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Chat Rules

Game Rules

Federation Rules

  • If you can not play for a few days pls pm me and go into vm mode( VM= no attack for 24 hrs prior to activating vm). We all have lives outside of spacefed as I know all too well but simply going off without saying anything or going into vm affects your empire and our fed as a whole.

  • You are all invited to bring new members to the fed, if there is space available your suggestions will be listened to.

  • All members in this fed WILL follow rules or risk being punished just as any other player.

    IRC Server Webbnet irc.ca.webbnet.info port 6667 channel #hhunters