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Welcome to the Binaural Alliance SFGC website!

Growing Strong Together

The Binaural Alliance is a dedicated federation of active members. Due to our limited free places in the fed currently we are accepting members only by invitation.

The Binaural Alliance's was founded by way of the Terra Nova Alliance (normal server)

Binaural Aliance Official Website

BA Rules and Regulations

1) All members will be kicked if they are inactive for 14 days. There is an exception of course if the desired party contacts the leader beforehand to let them know of an extended absence.

2) Please refrain from flaming or harrassing other members in the BA or in the game of GC itself.

3) Try to help out other members of the federation. Remember, we are all here to provide a support base for each other.

4) Take active part in fed discussion thread

5) Have fun! This is a game after all.

BA Goals

1) To become the top federation in the fast server.

2) To maintain a stable and balanced federation with full active participation.

3) To achieve a total planet count of 1500

Vote BA for popular federation
TNA Website
BA Website Old

Questions? PM DrunkenMasters in the fast server.