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Rabies is an acute, fatal encephalomyelitis caused by neurotropic viruses in the family Rhabdoviridae, genus Lyssavirus

Rabies holds no alliances and will fight all uws


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Archaeoptyrex - Founder of Rabies
Silencer - 2nd Leader of Rabies
Questirians - Joined 1st day like me and fought long and hard in Rabies
Honorary Member with immense contributions in the area of battle
Honorary Member with immense contributions in the area of battle
Honorary Member with strong loyalty for Rabies

AGM94 - Joined 1st Day Early 06 till late 08
1st day member of Rabies and long time leader
Hellus - joined Spring 06
Long time fighter for Rabies and 4th leader
Archang3l - Joined late 06
Long time fighter and 5th leader
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2nd longest serving member and 6th leader
FlashysDomain - Long time active fighter and 7th leader till 26 Mar 12
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Embodies the Rabies spirit whatever fed he is in. Joined the fed the most times ever
Fodderman - Firvulag
Long standing fed member and excellent all round fighter
Loyal and good player as all races he has tried
Loyal and long standing fed member
Set off the first UW for Rabies
Loyal and committed member, one of the best high pr players Rabies has seen

01:30 AM
20/04/11 *Biohazard is leaving GC.

I have had enough of the game after nearly 7 years "Playing since 26 June 2004".
This is the first time i ever gonne leave the game besides the usual vacation.

The game has lost it`s tought with me.

I`am sorry i have 250+ day`s of payed left, 20day`s of VM and a request at Badwolf for extended VM.

Ill resign from Rabies so others can fill my place.
Ill try to sign in on MSN more.

I will not make a Forum tpoic, this is it.
Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young!

Biohazard aka Dennis

07:26 PM
20/03/12 Well guys, I`ve $400 billion left to climb with, then I`ll pick off Villains on the way down to base. The day i resign from Rabies will follow.

On Day One of my activity in the game, BioHazard accepted me into Rabies. Never went to another Fed. Two GFs, two jobs, three apartments (just moved into my new place) passed by and Rabies remained the constant. Rabies was always known to be the Fed with class and honor. While those words may mean different things throughout the world, at the core those words "class" and "honor" have the same human principles. Principles which this Federation is built from having such in each member.

I enjoyed the game. In all seriousness, it will be this Fed which carries the memories when I think of GC.

I truly wish I could stay, but I cannot compromise on the basic principles which i hold. If you travel to another Multi Player game and see a Flashy, it will be me. I`ve had this moniker for over 20 years and have no plans on changing it. I`ll find another game to settle into...they are relaxing as well as educational in a worldly perspective.

Once I base from this climb, I will resign and soon thereafter fade into Rabies history. Never give up, never surrender. Failure is NEVER an option.

Flashy aka Rand