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Welcome to The Brotherhood of NOD!!

These sites have great game tips, artifact formulas and more.

Spacefed Community Site

Try this one!

Acheron's Site (updated June 2010)

Sol's Site

Artifact Formulas

Artifact digging times
Artifacts found at server time

04:00PM - 06:30PM
07:00PM - 08h30PM
09:00PM - 10h00

08:31PM - 09:00PM

06:31PM - 07:00PM

You will find orbs and artifacts at other times, this is just when you are most likely to find things of each type.

Other links of interest for GC.

Green Yedi's Battle Simulator

Anfit's Firefox Scripts

Game Formulas:
Planet power rating: (pop / 10) + housing + Commercial + mining + +agriculture + industry + ( planet x 1000 )
Player power rating: (total planet power rating) + (total ship power rating)
Tax = Population/2*(Loyalty/2500+1)
Mineral production = (# of planets in colony) x [1 + (race mod / 100)] x [ 1 + (.1 x research lvl)] = minerals produced per turn